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‘It is mandatory that each hotel and tourist spot employs lifeguards at their swimming pools,’ he added.
an expert swimmer employed to rescue people who get into difficulty in a swimming pool or at the beach.
He was much tanner, as a result of his summer job as the 'lifeguard' at the local swimming pool.
There was a 'lifeguard' on duty, though nobody was in any real danger.
He would also like to try to work as a 'lifeguard' at a swimming pool, because he has never had this chance before and finds it an interesting challenge.
Then I see the beach, the empty 'lifeguard' stand, the jetties.
The award was in recognition of his work with regard to pool 'lifeguard' training throughout the country.
I barely took notice of the lone empty 'lifeguard' chair.
He ran back towards a designated swimming beach and alerted a 'lifeguard' who pulled the young boy from the water.
There were three policemen by the 'lifeguard' stand - park police on bikes.
The committee needs a fully qualified 'lifeguard' from the opening day.
A pool 'lifeguard' course will also commence on August 22nd to 25th.
I worked as a 'lifeguard' on the beach, like I've done the previous few summers.
Interventions tested ranged from 'lifeguard' training and printed materials to warning signage.
Normally, about 1,100 'lifeguards' patrol beaches and pools on weekdays while up to 1,300 lifeguards work on Sundays.
Swimming pools must have 'lifeguards' and sanitary requirements must be taken care of.
He said wages for contract 'lifeguards' were reasonable and the department has no difficulty hiring contract employees.
With so many fit young men away at war, the beaches were kept safe by young volunteer 'lifeguards' .
‘It is mandatory that each hotel and tourist spot employs 'lifeguards' at their swimming pools,’ he added.
He said, however, the department would review wages for contract 'lifeguards' next summer.
Several people managed to alert the 'lifeguards' , who brought Davis to safety.
Our volunteer 'lifeguards' are a staple of the Australian summer.
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Goa lifeguards threaten to go on strike from May 15
Goa lifeguards boycott work over delay in wages
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