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the first obvious manifestations of global warming
an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something, especially a theory or an abstract idea.
translation of 'manifestation'
ज़ाहिर करना,
Social withdrawal can be a 'manifestation' of untreated physical symptoms such as pain.
It seems there's nothing like a demonic 'manifestation' to stimulate the giving spirit.
This celestial alignment will create greater flow between the realms of thought and the world of physical 'manifestation' .
Oh, and for the record, I've never experienced a physical 'manifestation' of a spirit.
Nationalist violence erupts to the surface given any public 'manifestation' of difference.
There it was, the mysterious 'manifestation' of the ‘festival atmosphere’.
Acute respiratory distress syndrome is the clinical 'manifestation' of severe, acute lung injury.
The obvious 'manifestation' of that is in low turnouts at elections.
More importantly, the feast was a ceremonial 'manifestation' of the warfaring nature of society.
On the contrary, Hamlet's 'manifestation' of courage and the words that speak to that courage are thrilling.
He is always portrayed as an abstract 'manifestation' of evil, from which we, as the good children of the next generation, are safely separated.
She says the whole event was a 'manifestation' of some new kind of consciousness.
Individual evildoers can be defeated; the current 'manifestation' of evil can be destroyed.
Offshoring is merely the latest 'manifestation' of a well-established process.
Also, the speech of Lord Clyde contains no 'manifestation' of express disagreement with Lord Hope.
a characteristic 'manifestation' of Lyme disease
What we saw here was a 'manifestation' of a global oversupply problem in emerging markets.
the 'manifestation' of anxiety over disease
cryptococcal meningitis was the first 'manifestation' of AIDS in seven of twenty-seven patients
One such factor pertains to the mode of expression or form of 'manifestation' .
the 'manifestation' of anxiety over the upcoming exams
Another 'manifestation' of the black market in Belfast is the legendary and ever-popular delivery services.
Such yearning is a 'manifestation' of a pure revolutionary spirit.
We are looking not at an event but at a visual 'manifestation' of thought.
I see democracy as the political 'manifestation' of our cultural evolution.
He called it a hobby while I called it a 'manifestation' of an evil spirit.
He witnessed Saturday's 'manifestation' and calls it a ‘circus’.
Baptists believe Jesus of Nazareth was the Christ, the incarnate 'manifestation' of the Eternal God.
According to Malek, the cat was regarded strictly as a 'manifestation' of a deity, not a deity itself.
We are all incarnations and 'manifestations' of the Divine.
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