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matrimonial bonds
of or relating to marriage or married people.
translation of 'matrimonial'
शादी का,
ब्याह का,
And among the respondents to these 'matrimonial' ads, most of the women are much younger than the men.
'matrimonial' vows
However, this strategy took the king away from 'matrimonial' law into the quite remote and hypersensitive realm of papal power.
This seems to have been most likely when drunk, or during 'matrimonial' disputes.
On the divorce of a married couple, the court has wide powers to divide the 'matrimonial' property in the fairest manner possible.
Family and 'matrimonial' lawyers, according to Brown, are at the highest risk of being threatened.
These costs shall also be paid from the wife's share of the net proceeds of sale of the 'matrimonial' home.
At some point, the 'matrimonial' litigation was put on hold for two years.
That is one of the means by which, in 'matrimonial' litigation, a level playing field is commonly achieved.
I start drafting the advertisement that has to be inserted in the 'matrimonial' column of the Sunday newspaper.
One does not have that sort of broad power over matters which go further than the 'matrimonial' relationship.
At that time, the applicant had purchased his former wife's share in their 'matrimonial' home.
Sometimes that applies in broader instances to families, not just to 'matrimonial' relationships.
It is also a ring, like a wedding band that guarantees a 'matrimonial' contract.
This alone speaks volumes to the happy state of 'matrimonial' harmony in America.
I had never thought it right to take another female under my name after a 'matrimonial' commitment.
With such a 'matrimonial' event in the offing, it got me thinking today about the numerous weddings I've been to over the last few years.
He asks that the retroactive order provide for payment out of his share of the 'matrimonial' home when it is sold.
It does not seek to define rights within the marriage or rights at the break-up of the 'matrimonial' tie.
Unlike the traditional 'matrimonial' classifieds the online version is much more egalitarian.
This establishes the 'matrimonial' contract and the legal rights of the couple.
Also no chieftainship can clearly say that its lineage, either patrimonially, 'matrimonially' or otherwise, has always had a dispute-free succession.
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