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It is used to improve solution stability, reduce the crystallization effect of syrups, as well as to enhance the palatability of these medicinals .
a medicinal substance.
medicinal herbs
(of a substance or plant) having healing properties.
translation of 'medicinal'
इलाज करनेवाला
The monks taught that grapes had 'medicinal' value.
Holmes said that this is just one of a growing number of studies showing how commonly used ‘natural products’ may contain chemicals of 'medicinal' value.
These are all researched for possible 'medicinal' , edible etc. uses.
We started planting these 'medicinal' plants 25 years ago organically.
Many chemical components in Chinese 'medicinal' herbs have an antioxidant activity.
If we are going to tackle the use of drug taking in sports, both enhancing and 'medicinal' , it is the time to be open on all counts.
I can only speak for my own specialties, organic and 'medicinal' chemistry.
She justifies her drug use as partly 'medicinal' , but she is sinking back into previous behaviors that led her to almost end her life.
It has also been demonstrated that a considerable number of Chinese 'medicinal' herbs activate the immune system.
A Victorian walled garden has been restored, which now contains western and eastern 'medicinal' herbs, fruit, vegetables and flowers.
Somewhere in my early teens my mother became interested in herbs and 'medicinal' properties in plants.
The most impressive sections include the long list of 'medicinal' herbs and plants.
There was also a kind of illicit thrill that they were in some way 'medicinal' too.
It is suggested that certain 'medicinal' substances have positive pharmacological reactions.
Cholesterol-lowering drugs for one, and plain old aspirin for another, are two drugs with proven 'medicinal' value of a high order.
Each of these species has a high 'medicinal' value.
A small amount is used legally to make these drugs for 'medicinal' use.
In this way, the weaker students can be assisted by the input from those who are fluent in 'medicinal' chemistry and drug design.
A lavishly illustrated 18th century book of 'medicinal' herbs has been digitised and animated by the British Library.
Although the overwhelming majority of 'medicinal' substances come from plants, some are derived from minerals and animals.
Some party members are able to heal themselves by eating food, or others with 'medicinal' herbs.
It is a potent plant 'medicinal' , useful for digestive conditions, viral illness, and fevers.
The majority use some of the many 'medicinal' plants available in our biologically diverse region.
If you've ever taken a prescription drug and felt better afterward, you can thank a 'medicinal' chemist.
He lists and describes the dietetic and 'medicinal' uses of 81 drugs, citing their Arabic and Persian derivations.
What we must realise though is that cannabis, if legalised, would not have to be a social drug but could be legalised for 'medicinal' purposes only.
While the majority of species are 'medicinal' , other useful plants were also included.
He attributed his enduring strength to the consumption of jamu, a 'medicinal' drink of magical properties sold by street-hawkers.
It was originally used as an aid in therapy but has no formal 'medicinal' uses and is now illegally made as a recreational drug.
Over the years, people appear to have become far more interested in growing and using both 'medicinal' and culinary herbs.
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