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This is followed by a discussion of metamorphosis in insects and amphibians.
(in an insect or amphibian) the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in two or more distinct stages.
translation of 'metamorphosis'
रूपान्तर करना,
काया पलट,
रूप भेद
In its 'metamorphosis' from novella to film, it wisely maintains the convention of narration, but unwisely pushes it to the wayside.
This 'metamorphosis' has happened because while I'm happy to embrace country living I like it to be wrapped up in a duck-down duvet of urban comfort.
his 'metamorphosis' from presidential candidate to talk-show host
After the second-half 'metamorphosis' , it has suddenly become clear that there will be real competition for places come the summer.
Later, we see her in real terror as Namtar's 'metamorphosis' takes hold and changes her very being.
A close examination of the fresco reveals a series of allusions to 'metamorphosis' .
So what kind of 'metamorphosis' does the photograph as a form of animation effectuate?
the larval forms of insects, but also of certain other creatures which undergo the process of 'metamorphosis' in reaching the adult form.
the persistence of the larval tail during 'metamorphosis'
It uses the narrative as a way to investigate the notion of architectural 'metamorphosis' and redemption, and it does so by means of powerful installation pieces.
The cast handle this 'metamorphosis' excellently.
his 'metamorphosis' from presidential candidate to talk-show host
in insects with a complete 'metamorphosis' the wings arise from thickenings of the epidermis
The twist is that this 'metamorphosis' is emphasized by the fact that the young heroine, Ginger, is simultaneously becoming a werewolf.
This political 'metamorphosis' is not the one chronicled this week by the mainstream press in both Mexico and the United States.
Poster proceeds to outline his own 'metamorphosis' over nine chapters.
That, then, is the latest 'metamorphosis' of ‘base football player’.
Table 4 captures this 'metamorphosis' in major party support in a different way.
This is followed by a discussion of 'metamorphosis' in insects and amphibians.
All flies undergo complete 'metamorphosis' with egg, larval, pupal, and adult stages in their development.
If sufficient stimuli are present, the physiological process of 'metamorphosis' is initiated within the larvae.
Larry, of course, has gotten a few laughs out of Laurie's 'metamorphosis' .
Moralising interpretations generally explained physical 'metamorphosis' as the external manifestation of the bestial nature within.
When it comes to national security, however, no one can say with assurance whether her 'metamorphosis' is genuine.
Yet a slow but steady 'metamorphosis' is taking place.
During the final instar, the tissues within the larval cuticle change to those of the adult, a process known as 'metamorphosis' .
Although he has seemed to stay frozen in time, Bond has actually undergone a series of very subtle 'metamorphoses' .
The derision into which the Cult of the Supreme Being fell after the overthrow of the Jacobins did not discredit the theme, which underwent a series of conservative 'metamorphoses' in the 19th century.
And, just when you think it's over, it defies expectations and 'metamorphoses' into something different and more compelling.
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