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he had always been so meticulous about his appearance
showing great attention to detail; very careful and precise.
translation of 'meticulous'
अति सतर्क,
अति सावधान
अवगुण ढूंढ़नेवाला,
The film is visually spectacular, with epic battle scenes and 'meticulous' attention to period detail.
She was very careful in her everyday life and was 'meticulous' and was not the type of person to approach strangers.
She had planned for her retirement and old age with 'meticulous' care.
The Tribunal plainly considered the objective facts with 'meticulous' care and in great detail.
As a General, Monty was a great planner, 'meticulous' in his attention deal.
The book is impressive both in its scope and in the author's 'meticulous' attention to detail.
You are known to be a rather 'meticulous' musician, with a great attention to details.
Their leader must be a very, very intelligent, 'meticulous' and careful person.
He reveals a 'meticulous' attention to detail when discussing what he looks for in a player.
He is a fantastically 'meticulous' actor but if he isn't reined in this detail becomes fussiness.
How fabulous it would be to have a willing helper to load my gear onto boats and rig my kit with 'meticulous' care!
A 'meticulous' lecturer and painfully accurate author, he instilled the same standards in his pupils.
Although he had prepared the expedition with 'meticulous' care, the campaign was bungled.
The raid by Russia's elite forces was planned in the most 'meticulous' detail.
Oral odours are best treated through 'meticulous' oral hygiene and optimal dental care.
It's hard to devise an argument that debunks the merit of his 'meticulous' methodology.
In line with the management's 'meticulous' eye for detail, some changes are tiny.
It is his 'meticulous' attention to detail which has brought him the fast cars and the fast lifestyle he has enjoyed.
He said no items had yet been recovered from the property but a careful and 'meticulous' search would be carried out.
You are minutely analytical and can fulfill any task that requires 'meticulous' attention to detail.
In general, this is a very thorough and 'meticulously' researched work.
The best way to prevent it is to ensure patients take their drugs 'meticulously' and complete the prescribed course.
And of course we will conveniently forget that we forced him to hurry his conclusions and abandon the 'meticulousness' with which it is necessary to proceed when searching for the truth.
Instead, notice the film's 'meticulousness' in saying only ‘true’ or defensible things in support of a completely misleading impression.
Everything is carefully, 'meticulously' and professionally worked out as it should be.
It took carefully 'meticulousness' and they managed to maneuver themselves out of the Delta and into the walkway.
If there is a sense of exhaustion, however, it is tempered by the 'meticulousness' of the presentation and the thoroughness of her pursuit of the seven themes.
Of course, the process of international market entry is not always carefully and 'meticulously' planned.
We began to interview witnesses, and we were struck by the 'meticulousness' of their recall.
Steve was to spend the next 13 months 'meticulously' planning every detail of the trip.
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