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microscopic algae
so small as to be visible only with a microscope.
microscopic analysis of the soil
of or relating to a microscope.
translation of 'microscopic'
अनुवीक्षण यंत्र सम्बन्धीय
अणुवीक्षण यंत्र-संबंधी,
बहुत छोटा,
अति सूक्ष्म
The only life found in the lake are some 'microscopic' algae that live between certain layers of water within variable depths of the lake.
Snow algae are colorful, 'microscopic' organisms that thrive in the chilly, acidic, sun-blasted, and nutrient-poor confines of melting snow.
But the plight of Cameron - whose guilt must have been magnified by the island's 'microscopic' smallness and the glare of the lighthouse lamp - was peculiarly unaffecting.
Morphological changes were evaluated by phase-contrast 'microscopic' analysis.
For half an hour he talked in 'microscopic' detail about how the car is built.
In many cases of heel pain located about 3cm above the heel bone, there is no inflammation present when the tendon is scanned or viewed by 'microscopic' analysis.
They feed on many types 'microscopic' algae that grow on calcareous material, such as coral skeletons.
The methods for crystallization and electron 'microscopic' analysis have been described previously.
The presence of 'microscopic' algae in the circulatory system and internal organs can help to locate where the victim died, as they vary from place to place.
It's often said that television is an impressionistic medium, good at putting across feelings, not details - of giving an overview, not a 'microscopic' survey.
Stumpf said that bloom intensified when it moved south of Sanibel Island, possibly with a bloom of a diatom, a type of 'microscopic' algae, called Rhizosolenia.
Membrane tethers usually have diameters of the order of tens of nanometers, so they were barely visible under normal 'microscopic' conditions.
One person determined spermatozoal motility using light microscopy for five 'microscopic' fields for each collection.
A 'microscopic' splinter in a finger can be extremely painful, while a cut on your leg may not hurt as much!
Seriously, it's an extremely small, 'microscopic' number, and he probably won't notice.
To begin with, when at a length of only 7 mm, young chub feed primarily on 'microscopic' algae and diatoms.
Independent of the 'microscopic' details, such problems can be described at long times by a random walker moving along a tilted potential or, equivalently, a biased random walker.
Red cells and hemoglobin may be accompanied by seeing red cells in a 'microscopic' examination, by a positive chemical analysis for blood or by both.
A number of 'microscopic' details will be neglected.
From now on every shuttle launch will be tracked and examined in 'microscopic' detail, and this should set a precedent for all future manned space launches.
Microscopic scoring was performed on coded slides and, to minimize variability, the same expert performed all the 'microscopic' analyses.
Raban remained silent as the two bickered, glaring at the back of the half-elf, willing him to blow into tiny, 'microscopic' pieces.
Furthermore, the intellectual processes of pathologists during 'microscopic' analysis sessions can differ from one another noticeably.
No bacteria were visible upon 'microscopic' examination after growing the purified fungal isolates in liquid or on solid YPD medium without the antibiotics.
Sea ice provides a habitat for 'microscopic' marine algae which are released in the summer when the ice melts and are fed upon by krill.
Indeed, large stones of the day were not polished, making it quite impossible for 'microscopic' letters to be inscribed on them in any visible way.
Is she flipping through a magazine and raving about a 'microscopic' skirt?
It is believed that the 'microscopic' plankton on which tiny sandeel larvae feed are moving northwards as the sea water warms, leaving the baby fish with nothing to feed on.
What exact history is realized in a universe does, of course, depend on 'microscopic' details.
Coccoliths are the extremely small calcareous parts of 'microscopic' marine algae.
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