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public misconceptions about AIDS remain high
a view or opinion that is incorrect because it is based on faulty thinking or understanding.
translation of 'misconception'
मिथ्या धारणा,
भ्रान्त धारणा,
मिथ्या बुद्धि,
Your story contained so many 'misconceptions' and falsehoods, one scarcely knows where to begin.
Suspicion and 'misconceptions' about Zimbabwe can only be cleared when there is dialogue and openness.
As a start on the road to understanding, Australians should demolish two 'misconceptions' .
A lot of the original points of view were based on 'misconceptions' about the other side's point of view.
Clarke is always at pains to point out errors and 'misconceptions' in earlier writings, and he does so convincingly.
I hope this has cleared up any 'misconceptions' regarding this matter.
He knew everything that every one else had 'misconceptions' about or misconstrued.
As another so-called expert, I feel compelled to address some of the 'misconceptions' .
This argument is based on a number of misstatements and 'misconceptions' .
There is no reason why the views and 'misconceptions' which exist in the workplace should be any different from society generally.
The problem with success too often is it creates expectations, or even 'misconceptions' among critics and fans alike.
Much of what we understand to be the truth are probably 'misconceptions' .
This may be because of 'misconceptions' among patients and reluctance among patients to use inhalers.
It appears, worryingly, that these 'misconceptions' are shared by many of our politicians.
Apparently, 'misconceptions' abound as to the nature and purpose of bilingual education.
Well what are the most common faults or 'misconceptions' that you find among average adult swimmers, John?
So you can see the paper still has some serious 'misconceptions' about what's important.
But the idea that people oppose media intrusion is based on 'misconceptions' that are rarely challenged.
It was clear to me that profound 'misconceptions' were widespread.
We must value that reputation and work together to nurture it and remove any 'misconceptions' that will put it at risk.
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