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The rioters have also started using motorbikes and mobile phones to trace the movements of police riot squads, in tactics reminiscent of urban guerrilla movements.
a lightweight motorcycle.
translation of 'motorbike'
यंत्र से चलनेवाली बाइसिकिल
She picks me up on her 'motorbike' , and we chat as we zoom through the terrible Athens traffic.
So he was sitting on his 'motorbike' , on duty, when I approached him.
And then he wants to take you shopping in town, ride you around on his 'motorbike' and buy you stuff.
He was killed when his 'motorbike' collided with a tractor.
It's not exactly far, but I was kind of hoping to get a lift on Rob's 'motorbike' .
She didn't know how to get to the factory, so she took the only ride available, on the back of the boss's 'motorbike' .
Arthur tiptoed over to one of the 'motorbikes' (trying not to raise the alarm) and ran his hand over the chassis.
Matt was cool, and he was good-looking, and Viv felt more popular and more cool than ever with him, his friends all knowing about 'motorbikes' and going to see the best bands around.
And there are very few such intersections in this city of 6 million people and 4 million 'motorbikes' .
Suddenly, the rock 'n' roll is interrupted by screaming whistles, sirens, shouting and the thundering of hundreds of 'motorbikes' .
Everything in my whole life revolves around 'motorbikes' .
Freshly built houses dot the countryside, and new 'motorbikes' abound.
Last August he was the target of an assassination attempt, when gunmen on 'motorbikes' opened fire on his car.
The rioters have also started using 'motorbikes' and mobile phones to trace the movements of police riot squads, in tactics reminiscent of urban guerrilla movements.
We passed the 'motorbikes' as we were walking back to town.
Huge numbers of police marched alongside us or sat in police vans, cars and on 'motorbikes' along the route.
He travelled extensively, and had a passion for 'motorbikes' .
Mike opened the manual steel garage door and waved as the six 'motorbikes' peeled out of his driveway with Jason and Jessica in the lead.
When I come home, the cell phone gets put aside and the 'motorbikes' come out.
When I went into Afghanistan two years ago, there were two people with me on two 'motorbikes' .
Rachel had tried to sit behind one of the island boys driving the 'motorbikes' , but it hadn't worked out well.
I actually prefer 'motorbikes' by quite a long way.
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