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I find his theory objectionable in its racist undertones
arousing distaste or opposition; unpleasant or offensive.
translation of 'objectionable'
एतराज़ करनेवाला,
झगड़े का,
I wonder what the revolting students find 'objectionable' about that.
It is 'objectionable' because of the terms in which this is put.
This is certainly a worthy cause for which to go into battle, and the boycott was indeed wholly 'objectionable' for this reason alone.
Not only is it 'objectionable' but it is also patently ridiculous.
To those who found it offensive, 'objectionable' or even just irritating I can only ask for forgiveness.
But what about the dignity of the dummy, who acted the 'objectionable' scenes on her behalf?
Aidwa says this is 'objectionable' because it projects a daughter as a liability and a son as an investment.
What if I don't really like your site or I think there is 'objectionable' material on it?
It's the banality, rather than the misogyny, which is 'objectionable' .
Are their tears less objective and more 'objectionable' than your rancour?
No one seems to find profiling 'objectionable' here, despite its bad name in the press.
He reserves the right to refuse designs that he considers offensive, immoral, or 'objectionable' .
It is made all the more 'objectionable' by virtue of the fact that it offends not only the sense of hearing, but the sense of sight also.
In a country where love is 'objectionable' , hatred for sure reigns supreme.
Personally I think four letter words used in an offensive way are all 'objectionable' .
She's trying to sound as 'objectionable' as possible, surely; that's the only explanation.
As Nietzsche explained, suffering is 'objectionable' and senseless unless it is witnessed.
Some of these comments, however, I find offensive or otherwise 'objectionable' .
The publishers promised to delete 'objectionable' paragraphs from the book.
Without that democracy, my vote will be no, even if I have to share that vote with some of the most 'objectionable' people possible.
How can one 'objectionably' write about friends' music?
I think a little omission would greatly lessen the 'objectionableness' of these sentences if you have not time to recast and amplify.
When he missed, several of the Arsenal players taunted him rather 'objectionably' , for which 6 of them now face conduct investigations.
‘Don't be so insensitive,’ Tamsin said 'objectionably' , but she was still clearly wondering what Freddy had to say for himself.
When judges are doing this, they are acting 'objectionably' even under his approach.
Above all, I want to make sure that I'm observing everything as 'objectionably' as possible that you know how you'll respond as a person.
Two years ago, I wrote a little tongue-in-cheek riff on the 'objectionableness' of mudflap art.
It seems a shame to waste his 'objectionableness' by just rolling it into a general objection to America, but there we go.
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