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आर्केस्ट्रा करना
Among its new product features is Arrange, a function enabling the use of artificial intelligence to arrange and orchestrate music automatically.
arrange or score (music) for orchestral performance.
the developers were able to orchestrate a favorable media campaign
arrange or direct the elements of (a situation) to produce a desired effect, especially surreptitiously.
translation of 'orchestrate'
आर्केस्ट्रा करना
Among its new product features is Arrange, a function enabling the use of artificial intelligence to arrange and 'orchestrate' music automatically.
Remember that the Divine has a keen sense of rhythm in helping to 'orchestrate' your life.
Now the question is whether Scheid can 'orchestrate' a winning score for Janus.
And they have a slightly alternative soundtrack to which they 'orchestrate' their moves.
There are a number of firms in Washington whose business it is to 'orchestrate' phony letter writing campaigns on behalf of pricey clients.
RUA are Liz Madden and Gloria Mulhall who compose, arrange, 'orchestrate' , produce and perform all their own music.
And, if Webern could orchestrate Bach, then why not let Poppen 'orchestrate' Webern?
Nick's maid, Betty Pearce, was the one who had helped him 'orchestrate' his plans in the first place, and she was now to be Nora's personal attendant.
And yet even here Gould does not merely 'orchestrate' hymns.
Phoenix needs its maestro to 'orchestrate' its attack, especially with Cassell on the other side.
the developers were able to 'orchestrate' a favorable media campaign
In my continuing education I learned that Mendelssohn 'orchestrated' the scherzo of his octet.
I believe Bloch also 'orchestrated' it, and it shows up once in a blue moon on concert programs.
At least, listening to his account, a composer would probably know how to go about 'orchestrating' the work.
The chairman of a credit union that fired its two managers for misconduct has been accused of 'orchestrating' a campaign to blacken their names.
I spent more time 'orchestrating' my next score than looking for work.
He also 'orchestrates' the hourlong setup, plus the sound check and break down.
What it does have is a collection of pop songs that are decently 'orchestrated' and fleshed out with dense instrumentation.
It wasn't a reaction against the previous album and those big, lush 'orchestrations' - I simply wanted to do something different.
It was set to five piano pieces 'orchestrated' by Glazunov and unlike the final version was Polish rather than Romantic in character.
The Federal Government denies it's been 'orchestrating' a smear campaign.
Again, Cleveland-based 'orchestrator' Willie ‘Face’ Smith adds just the right touch of Dameronia to three tracks.
He originally scored it for electronic sound and Andy Meyers 'orchestrated' it two months ago.
Barber's skill in assembling and 'orchestrating' this 17-minute work is beyond question.
I don't mean the big-name celebrities, the deluded 'orchestrators' behind it all.
It's well co-ordinated and the instrumentation is brilliantly 'orchestrated' .
Almost every call was less about chatting than about arranging and 'orchestrating' the logistics of family and home life.
As early as 1946, Henderson was one of the 'orchestrators' of Beggar's Holiday, the only Ellington musical produced on Broadway.
Two years later, ten weeks before his death, Mozart told his wife he was 'orchestrating' the rondo finale for his friend Anton
All the families believe the men in the dock are, if guilty, merely the agents of murder, not the 'orchestrators' .
Media attacks orchestrated to harm Infosys reputation: Sikka
Death threat to Kejriwal 'well-orchestrated': AAP
Bengal school violence orchestrated by outsiders: Minister
Mamata orchestrated attack on Amit Shah: Modi
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