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outstandingly beautiful gardens
I came across fewer real turkeys than 'outstandingly' good books, mainly because I tend not to dip into a novel unless I think I've got a good chance of liking it.
I remember this as being an 'outstandingly' scary film when I was a young boy (the bit where the vamps sweep down on the police man at the start of the film scared me witless).
He or she will be chosen during auditions next month to find an 'outstandingly' talented boy or girl aged eight to 11 who can either sing or play a musical instrument.
But sometimes they must have been 'outstandingly' well led.
That means it must be fast, 'outstandingly' agile, and truly exciting to drive.
Seychelles is an 'outstandingly' beautiful and isolated archipelago in the Indian Ocean.
The sweet potato was 'outstandingly' successful in New Zealand soil and became their most valuable crop in the pre-European period.
'outstandingly' beautiful gardens
Sometimes, the connection is 'outstandingly' clear with beautiful high fidelity - much better than we can ever get on a regular phone.
Well, it might be very early (and bound to be followed by 'outstandingly' bad weather in September), but I saw my first new buds on a tree today.
'outstandingly' beautiful gardens
Yet she has shown at various Commonwealth Games that she has a fine temperament and might have acquitted herself 'outstandingly' in Athens.
At 14, Mary was ambitious, intelligent and 'outstandingly' pretty.
The football sessions, especially those for the juniors, had been 'outstandingly' successful and the chairman thanked the team coaches and leaders.
The key to the competition's popularity is most likely the 'outstandingly' beautiful area in which it takes place.
It's a bit of a pathetic and off-the-point argument, when you set it against this fine speech from a woman whose views make 'outstandingly' good sense.
The piece is 'outstandingly' light and simple in texture, but yet extremely difficult technically.
Some of the 13 bunkers are in 'outstandingly' beautiful spots, particularly the one at Hawkshead.
I felt awkward but everybody was 'outstandingly' welcoming.
I think it's 'outstandingly' unreasonable of him to think that he should live half the week in your friend's house without making some effort to contribute to her costs.
He trained himself to be an 'outstandingly' good documentary photographer while working for the government during World War II.
I expect him to play exactly the same way as he has always played for England, which is 'outstandingly' well.
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