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One day we may even have Hindus from India pilgrimaging to the West!
go on a pilgrimage.
The Hajj is a real pilgrimage - a journey, with rites and rituals to be done along the way.
a pilgrim's journey.
translation of 'pilgrimage'
तीर्थयात्रा करना
The Hajj is a real 'pilgrimage' - a journey, with rites and rituals to be done along the way.
This year the pilgrims were able to walk the 'pilgrimage' .
The annual 'pilgrimage' will take place at the end of September 2003.
It also has a religious 'pilgrimage' on March 16 to bless the waters of Lake Masaya.
The parish of Backs 'pilgrimage' to San Giovanni, Rome and Assisi takes place from June 6th to June 13 th.
Suddenly that 'pilgrimage' to Celtic Park doesn't sound quite so impossibly self-indulgent.
The annual 'pilgrimage' to Knock for the residents of Aras Attracta organised by the Friends of Aras Attracta will be held today, Tuesday, June 7.
A seven days 'pilgrimage' to Medjugorje commence on Sunday, April 25.
This years 'pilgrimage' to Lourdes will be from 23rd to 28th August.
making a 'pilgrimage' to the famous racing circuit
This week Muslims celebrated Eid, the festival which marks the end of the hajj, the annual 'pilgrimage' to Mecca.
A week's 'pilgrimage' to Medugorje will take place from Knock on May 17.
It is expected that up to 40 helpers will travel with the 'pilgrimage' and anyone interested should give their name immediately.
Startled out of his own inward 'pilgrimage' , Armand looked into the dark eyes before him and saw there something of his own train of thought at that moment - a journey back into time.
a place of 'pilgrimage'
he wanted to go on a 'pilgrimage' to Santiago de Compostela
Cutting short his 'pilgrimage' , he immediately left for Tamil Nadu to live the life of a singing saint.
now is the thirty-first year of my dark 'pilgrimage' on this earth
People making a 'pilgrimage' are expected to sacrifice a goat or sheep and offer the meat to the poor.
Fly-fishers and kayakers 'pilgrimage' to the Nantahala, Ocoee, and Chattooga Rivers.
There we offered prayers for a successful 'pilgrimage' and got our rudraksha rosaries sanctified by the priest.
He was leading the special needs 'pilgrimage' tour to Lourdes at Easter.
The annual 'pilgrimage' to Medjugorje will take place the second week in June.
A pilgrimage to Medina is often made in conjunction with the 'pilgrimage' to Mecca in order to visit the tombs and shrines of Muhammad, his family, and the first three caliphs.
The fifth Pillar is the Hajj, the 'pilgrimage' to the holy city of Mecca, in present-day Saudi Arabia, which every Muslim must make at some time in his or her life.
Any crusader could claim to be going on a 'pilgrimage' for God - pilgrims did not have to pay tax and they were protected by the Church.
If you were going on a 'pilgrimage' tour, where would you go?
life's 'pilgrimage'
A very large number of pilgrims will travel to Lourdes Shrine with the annual 'pilgrimage' on May 17.
He spoke of an annual 'pilgrimage' which lasts for 10 days each June.
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