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की ओर अग्रसर
he poised motionless on his toes
be or cause to be balanced or suspended.
Keira was always in control, always composed, poised and confident.
having a composed and self-assured manner.
translation of 'poised'
सम भार करना,
संतुलित रखना,
सहारा देना,
पसँघा करना
Her aura of 'poised' confidence was gone, leaving behind a tired air.
The 'poised' and fashionable Fitzwilliam openly admitted to failing courses in second year law and of her determination to pass.
The 'poised' , confident young woman was tossed into a world of checkpoints, strip searches and interrogations.
The Head RN merely arched a well-plucked eyebrow, and Cassie stood in the doorway as 'poised' and silent as a statue.
She couldn't help but wonder that if he was that attractive and 'poised' just walking around, then what could he be like in bed?
Britain's first mainstream female football presenter is cool, 'poised' and confident.
She's like a child grown in a pod on Mars: far too 'poised' and intelligent to resemble any kid from our planet.
She finally paints Adele, a subject she believes to be as 'poised' and beautiful as the Madonna, but crumples up the sketch and throws it away.
The elegantly dressed, 'poised' woman looked a bit odd wearing a red and white Santa hat, but it really was cute.
The end result: you look leaner, taller, more 'poised' and confident.
Keira was always in control, always composed, 'poised' and confident.
Eleanor walked into the ballroom with the grace of a dancer, 'poised' and elegant.
In the picture, she looks entirely 'poised' and comfortable.
Balke's careful, walking on eggshells piano etches graceful, 'poised' lines or occasionally, prepared piano abstractions.
The Dinka are incapable of doing anything without a 'poised' elegance.
She was as 'poised' and elegant as her breeding required, Grace thought, and certainly she dressed as befitted her status.
He was faced with a gorgeous man in his forties with silky, boy-cut brown hair, a 'poised' stance, and a charming smile.
Here also she gets her lines right, she is still 'poised' and graceful, she is still fetching on the dance floor, but she has precious little to do.
Jake's 'poised' and assertive manner was diminishing before my very eyes.
I was astonished, when reading his memoirs, to learn that such a polished and 'poised' fellow had never lost the sense that he was awkward and clumsy.
I walked up 'poised' and proud with tears shimmering in my eyes.
De Havilland's 'poised' , elegant Miriam is the perfect foil for haggard, wild-eyed Charlotte.
A 'poised' and graceful swimmer, she never seemed to tire in the water.
Jen looked 'poised' and beautiful, the quintessential bride, in red patent-leather Betty Boop heels.
A tall, good-looking young man, 'poised' and self-assured, Bassam is a Christian.
This is a beautifully 'poised' film that peels away the external artifice of its central character layer by layer, with each plot twist raising as many questions as it answers.
He could not imagine this calm, 'poised' woman before him using language like that, but the young girl within her?
By this stage the adrenaline had started pumping around my body, I felt I was ready for anything; alert and 'poised' .
He's a 'poised' lad, very much in control of what he says and, ultimately, what we are allowed to know about him.
It's lovely to watch their progress as they grow from cute and clumsy children into 'poised' and elegant women.
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