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Camp and school partnerships have the potential to positively influence participating students and staff, the schools they come from, and the families to which they return.
in a positive way, in particular.
translation of 'positively'
निश्चित रूप से,
स्पष्ट रूप में,
साफ़ साफ़,
‘I like it,’ I decided, finally remarking kindly and 'positively' to a fragrance she tried.
experts could not 'positively' identify the voices
One hundred percent of every person who comes onboard is screened, 'positively' identified, and tracked in our system, while they're with us as a passenger or a crewmember.
A particularly useful theme of the book is how to adjust to one's new emotional history and in particular how to deal 'positively' with children as a noncustodial parent.
To their credit the Newbridge side reacted 'positively' to the well-chosen remarks of coach Bernard Jackman at half-time.
As many as 250 people have been 'positively' identified as descendants of Thomas Rice.
Despite little more than two hours proper sleep and a morning long downpour arguably not too dissimilar from the one that cleansed all but Noah and his posse I started the day quite 'positively' .
Some of these drugs are not only unsuitable but 'positively' dangerous.
The responses to the questionnaire survey showed that patients with common mental disorders in the community generally respond 'positively' to participation in teaching.
We have to through the dental work and DNA to 'positively' identify that's her.
In the second period the Mayo firm again responded 'positively' , particularly after conceding a second goal which left them seven points adrift.
I want to emphasize that I am 'positively' for this ticket.
Short-term thinking has many uses in daily life, but at the social level it has become 'positively' dangerous.
For Chomsky, the media may cover a particular political event 'positively' because they are acting as the propaganda wing of the government.
She couldn't 'positively' identify any of the men shown in the pictures - until, on her third and final visit to his office, Price pulled out another file.
During his testimony on Friday, Lewis said Joseph was 'positively' identified by Jones during a line-up at the station.
As noted earlier, only an expert can 'positively' identify a substance as biological growth and lab analysis may be required for final confirmation.
He acknowledged that because of COMACO, Zambia had one of the best methods of engaging rural communities to participate 'positively' in wildlife conservation.
Not only was it surprisingly good with the cabbage, it 'positively' invited improvisation, drawing to it whatever was in season or especially appealing at the produce stand.
We examined general practitioner and hospital records for details of diagnoses and abnormal test results among participants reporting 'positively' on any of these eight questionnaire items.
The bustle and diversity of the crowd was 'positively' Prom-like, which surprised me as a newcomer to the series (unsure when the coffee would be served).
In fact, today weak cover can be 'positively' dangerous to anyone trying to work under deep cover.
It felt very happy about circumstances, it was 'positively' humming with optimism.
Without a real person to 'positively' bond with, children will choose, as a default option, either a fictional character or someone they'll never meet, like a celebrity or a religious figure.
Although poor visibility can be a nuisance for all of us, there are some activities where it is 'positively' dangerous, and one group of people, where it can be life-threatening, are aircraft pilots.
This will certainly be a great amenity as the existing bridge at the eastern end of Athea is 'positively' dangerous, especially for schoolchildren who use it regularly as it has no footpath.
U.S. officials have already played down the importance of visually identifying the men, saying their dental and medical records 'positively' identified the brothers.
I looked 'positively' exhausted, but surprisingly, I was feeling better after my conversation with Scott.
Finally, that evening, both drivers were called to account but both continued to deny having ever seen it, and, after the passage of time, neither could be 'positively' identified as the recipient.
The Lee Green branch is 'positively' brimming with stock - not surprising given the advance notice of King's visit.
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