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the same set of facts can be tailored to fit any preconceived belief
(of an idea or opinion) formed before having the evidence for its truth or usefulness.
translation of 'preconceived'
पहले ही से मन में स्थिर कर लिया हुआ
Obviously Gary had never read a romance book in his life, but his 'preconceived' ideas did provide entertainment for the rest of us.
In order to support 'preconceived' ideas and policies many subjective and false assumptions are made.
He makes me laugh without challenging any of my 'preconceived' ideas.
I really had no 'preconceived' ideas about what the experience would be like.
Challenging 'preconceived' ideas saying goodbye to long standing fears.
According to the popular director and it might even be better to not have too many 'preconceived' ideas about the period.
But researchers think he may have had 'preconceived' ideas about what the data should show.
Most people have 'preconceived' ideas of what these people look like, but they often appear to be the epitome of family decency.
It's been my experience that life is so constructed that the event cannot and will not live up to 'preconceived' idea I have about it.
If we are to truly assess what is going on in the world it is necessary to put our prejudices and 'preconceived' notions aside.
More generally, she was able to demolish a few of her own - and other people's - 'preconceived' ideas.
On the future of banking in Ireland he has ‘no 'preconceived' ideas of what is right and what is wrong’.
I had no 'preconceived' idea of how much interest it would attract.
As well as helping us to get through life, 'preconceived' ideas about the world can lead us astray.
I did not have any 'preconceived' idea of what fame was about or how much interest our relationship would attract.
It is the evidence that determines all this, not any 'preconceived' opinion or ideological view.
They should not want me to reduce the text to two paragraphs that will fit their 'preconceived' ideas.
People have 'preconceived' ideas about what can and cannot be meaningful, which really need to be challenged.
They can have 'preconceived' ideas that they will be less able to do their jobs.
I think a lot of people have a very 'preconceived' idea about who I am, which is fair enough because that's the nature of media.
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