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उम्मीद के मुताबिक
the market is volatile and never predictable
able to be predicted.
translation of 'predictable'
The Welsh-based former London Scottish man was always reliable, but 'predictable' .
It's easy to guess the inevitable response because people are genuinely 'predictable' .
Look here Bobby, if something is inevitable then it is also 'predictable' .
The plot is 'predictable' , although the characters are a little less sweet than you might expect.
It is the dreary, 'predictable' and inevitable question, one to which we have become accustomed.
All of the fight scenes follow a 'predictable' course, with little or no surprises.
The characters were often 'predictable' and the dialogue almost wrote itself.
He was always so 'predictable' , and now he was behaving completely out of character.
Looking back, he sees his reaction as sadly 'predictable' after years of psychological bullying.
These were fairly 'predictable' problems, yet he appeared not to have anticipated them at all.
They observe all the rules and expect others to do likewise, and can be very 'predictable' .
Though the arrangements are 'predictable' , Staton's versatile voice is a revelation.
As usual, the awards were a mixture of the 'predictable' and the utterly surprising.
The boys, Kevin and Fred, both 'predictable' to a tee, settled for the Chicken Tikka Masala.
The mother-of-one is equally prepared for 'predictable' praise directed at her.
Your course is entirely 'predictable' and can be anticipated by the predator.
Many people might think that computers will always be 'predictable' , since all they ever do is follow a program.
There was a time when guests and callers were moderate and 'predictable' in their comments.
So, the art to urban driving, is being 'predictable' , and being able to tell what other roads users are most likely to do.
The album avoids being banal and 'predictable' because he is not afraid to fully use his voice.
Even if the story is on 'predictable' lines, music and dialogue impart the momentum.
There has been a 'predictable' response from some quarters that the plan would be a violation of civil liberties.
For the rest, the end is 'predictable' but the initiative is always in the hands of Hamid.
Babies are not machines and cannot be programmed how and when to behave and they are not always 'predictable' .
It began to read like a 'predictable' novel, except that the baddies always seemed to win.
A scientific theory of IR leads us to expect states to behave in certain 'predictable' ways.
It was the only surprise in an otherwise 'predictable' annual awards ceremony announced this weekend.
The music was obvious and 'predictable' , and the lyrics were about as feeble as I've ever heard.
It was part of my intellectual snobbery to avoid the obvious and 'predictable' wherever possible.
The objective was to teach them to make every day a joyful journey and stamp out the boring 'predictability' of their routine.
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