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a preposterous suggestion
contrary to reason or common sense; utterly absurd or ridiculous.
translation of 'preposterous'
It's an indulgent fantasy, saved by Chow's precise comic timing and the 'preposterous' action sequences.
Because we so value liberty, most Americans would find this view utterly 'preposterous' .
Their position is so utterly 'preposterous' it could be construed as libel.
I believe these authorities to be wasting your time and taxes on this utterly 'preposterous' project.
It uses 'preposterous' science fiction to delve into deeper human emotions than the usual fluff with which we are served each spring.
My list of possibilities, like anyone else's, is utterly 'preposterous' .
It is surely 'preposterous' that modern civilisation as we know it would not only collapse but also leave no reliable account of its fate.
Some may consider it all irresistibly smart, rather than merely 'preposterous' and precocious in equal measure.
The only reason the idea seems so 'preposterous' is because we refuse to live like them.
It is extraordinary that such self-evidently 'preposterous' claims can be taken seriously by anybody.
So 'preposterous' seemed the suggestion, a stifled laugh was as much as I could offer by way of a response.
The notion that any club is owed a living by its league is utterly arrogant and 'preposterous' .
I don't know about you, but I happen to think that this defense is 'preposterous' .
Among the other 'preposterous' suggestions was the idea of building a structure a mile high.
Claims that the club is attempting to make ‘a fast buck’ are simply 'preposterous' .
Even a sensible idea or a fine principle is exaggerated to the point that it becomes 'preposterous' and untenable.
Those three people couldn't have acted in a more absurd and 'preposterous' manner if they had been real actors in a real theatre.
Various reasons had been given, all of them 'preposterous' , he said.
The 'preposterousness' of this claim is boundless.
The film's biggest problem is the 'preposterousness' of the script, which throws one unbelievable scenario after another at the audience.
What you might not expect is quite how 'preposterously' far-fetched the final act is.
There is a 'preposterousness' in the book and the script which distances the audience from both the storyline and the characters.
The 'preposterously' high ceilings and dystopian CRT monitors peeking out from the walls with titillating images amplify the expensive atmosphere.
The 'preposterously' implausible Moroccan tale is my all-time favourite.
‘Glad to see you approve of my living quarters,’ Skerry says, holding a 'preposterously' large, incredibly furry cat in her arms.
The film revels in its 'preposterousness' , and works for this very reason.
The idea is so 'preposterously' stupid - and thoroughly executed - that it flips over into the realm of sheer genius.
April exclaimed, seeing the 'preposterousness' of the situation.
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