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a funeral procession
a number of people or vehicles moving forward in an orderly fashion, especially as part of a ceremony or festival.
On the filioque controversy, Bulgakov demonstrates that the East did not have a formal theology for the procession of the Holy Spirit.
the emanation of the Holy Spirit.
translation of 'procession'
बारात में भाग लेना
Above them streamed a 'procession' of ghosts, one of whom had trailed a foot through Draco's shoulder on the way past, as many as twenty or twenty-five of them.
It was the start of a string of five highly autobiographical films, a form of exorcism on his part for a painful upbringing at the hands of an abusive father and a 'procession' of school bullies.
The magazine glorifies a 'procession' of vaunted rebels for struggling to persuade a corporate hierarchy to let them generate profits.
Events will include a civic 'procession' and wreath laying ceremony on Saturday followed by a civic service at St Charles Borromeo to celebrate Wilberforce's life and work.
The idol was, and is, annually dragged forth in 'procession' on a monstrous car, and as masses of excited pilgrims crowded round to drag or accompany it, accidents occurred.
The ceremony began with a 'procession' from the local community centre to the church followed by special devotions in the church.
That was all Carlin had to do before picking the ball out of the net with seven minutes remaining as the game deteriorated into a series of hopeful and hopeless long balls and a 'procession' of errant passes.
After the vigil Mass on Saturday evening, the Blessed Sacrament will be carried in 'procession' through Sheridan Park, not through Bohola village.
The 'procession' of about 50 vehicles, each one full of mourners, made its way from Clifton to St Oswald's Church, through Bell Farm.
On September 18, all the idols would be taken in 'procession' and immersed in River Cauvery.
Prior to the Mass the First Communion and Confirmation children, along with the priest, marched in 'procession' into the field headed by a piper.
The 'procession' followed a private ceremony, attended by about 200 family and friends.
The main events take place in the cabaret lounge, where we enjoyed a 'procession' of quality acts during our week-long stay, the ballrooms and the smaller side rooms.
The opening ceremony included a 'procession' down the High Street by the society's fleet of funeral vehicles to the sound of a piper major.
Thousands marched behind his funeral 'procession' , a measure of his extraordinary impact on Russia's very heart, soul, and mind.
We could see, for instance, the doddering old knights and dames of the order tottering in (none of them a day below 70 I'm sure) in 'procession' .
Five thousand admirers marched in his funeral 'procession' and Poole became a martyr for anti-immigrant nativists.
He makes us feel good about not liking French people by dressing up in ridiculous national costumes and acting dumb while interviewing a 'procession' of stereotypical Eurofreaks.
A torchlight 'procession' , a religious ceremony and blessing mark the day that Saint Dévoe is believed to have arrived in Monaco.
On the 10th day, the ruler, in silk and priceless gems, wended his way in 'procession' through the crowded streets on the gorgeously caparisoned elephant.
From about 9: 00 a.m. groups of men arriving in 'procession' formed circles.
First at Ferrara and later at Florence, fourteen months were spent in discussing the 'procession' of the Spirit, more time than was devoted to any other issue!
At this point Pope Hadrian I defended the doctrine of 'procession' through the Son against Charlemagne.
A Yorkshire soldier will have a key place in the guiding of the ceremonial gun to be used for the 'procession' and funeral of the Queen Mother.
Braving scorching sun, the differently abled children came in 'procession' from Subashnagar area to the district Collectorate this afternoon.
Domonic and his friends and family will leave Lyneham in 'procession' at 10 am and will be followed by a tractor decorated with balloons and banners.
There's been a 'procession' of Presidents, Prime Ministers and politicians ‘visiting the troops’ in Iraq recently.
Since I was well back in the 'procession' of creeping vehicles, it took me a while to figure out what the hold-up was.
The London 'procession' and ceremony were being televised live - TV cameras were allowed into Westminster Abbey for the first time.
magistrates complain that they see a 'procession' of recidivist minor offenders
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