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he became a proficient in Latin and Greek
a person who is proficient.
I was proficient at my job
competent or skilled in doing or using something.
translation of 'proficient'
He says he doesn't have the patience required to become 'proficient' .
As man became more and more 'proficient' in making war, he also became wiser in means of defense.
It is fascinating to watch a complete novice become 'proficient' in a specialised job in a mere four weeks.
He knows exactly what he wants and is very 'proficient' and professional.
A.C. developed an interest in martial arts and became quite 'proficient' .
Jim was brought up in China until the age of six, but later continued his interest in China and was 'proficient' in the Chinese language.
Though obviously very 'proficient' at what they do, they are also used to their own way of doing things.
In a nutshell, the series went in favour of the team that was more professional and 'proficient' in skills as well as in strategies.
It may not be possible for all of us to be experts, but we can, with practice, become reasonably 'proficient' .
Like any 'proficient' superhero I didn't take up this job for the accolades.
I'm not nearly that 'proficient' , but a bit of ambidexterity can benefit any golfer.
Although he was very 'proficient' at these jobs, he soon decided to pursue higher education.
It is no longer enough to be a beer pong champion - you must also be 'proficient' in flag football and volleyball.
He coached them in becoming 'proficient' riders and huntsmen, skilled archers and unyielding wrestlers.
To meet those challenges, scholars must be 'proficient' in more than one area of study.
Not only will you feel 'proficient' , but you will probably do it more often.
Some of us were less 'proficient' than others with our chopsticks!
With medicine, the school and the state are throwing all kinds of resources at me to make me 'proficient' .
I tried my very best daily to become a 'proficient' of it.
To do less is to be less than fully 'proficient' on matters of critical importance to our national security.
It is believed that the vast majority of these students will eventually become 'proficient' .
Of these, dexterity or technical 'proficiency' is considered to be of paramount importance among surgical trainees.
The gags almost seem muted by the technical 'proficiency' of a practiced master of cinema.
A relationship between a child's age and 'proficiency' in early math skills also exists.
Penalty corner hits are an additional weapon to his accomplished all-round 'proficiency' .
Seventy-six percent of the district's fourth-graders tested below grade level in math, and only 10 percent read 'proficiently' .
Each time you gain a level, you simply receive some ‘skill points,’ and you can spend those points on things like ability scores, weapon 'proficiencies' , and skills.
It doesn't take you a year to learn to hurdle, but it does take you a year to learn how to race at it 'proficiently' enough to be successful.
However, I knew how to shoot a gun very 'proficiently' .
In this era of liberalisation and privatisation, sport is an important instrument that needs to be professionally and 'proficiently' marketed.
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