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Gerry pronounced the hero's name “Cahoolin”
make the sound of (a word or part of a word), typically in the correct or a particular way.
allow history to pronounce the verdict
declare or announce, typically formally or solemnly.
he had a pronounced squint
very noticeable or marked; conspicuous.
translation of 'pronounced'
सुनाया गया,
अति स्पष्ट
निर्णय किया हुआ,
The most 'pronounced' spectral difference is exhibited by the fluorescence peak intensity shown in Fig.5.
He renders poems with 'pronounced' literary value and a distinct aesthetic.
Yet even given that, his last essay is notable for a 'pronounced' harshness of tone and approach.
Plastic interaction between the metal surfaces is especially 'pronounced' when surface jetting occurs.
The new field of imagery may not provoke the passions of an image war, but we are often troubled by a 'pronounced' need to know.
Increases in loneliness and decreases in social support were particularly 'pronounced' for the youth.
If it's damp with early-morning dew, its effect is even more 'pronounced' .
The differences between plants and animals may be especially 'pronounced' with regard to introns.
Stronger water losses lead to even more 'pronounced' performance reductions.
Flavour ranges from very mild to strong, whether harshly biting or simply with a 'pronounced' flavour.
The party's openness to second preferences, more 'pronounced' than ever before, was the real stroke of genius.
That direct sunlight enters the room is clear from the bright rear wall and 'pronounced' diagonal shadow falling from the windowsill.
Nowhere is this more 'pronounced' than in the discussion on global warming.
The evidence isn't yet conclusive, but a 'pronounced' slowdown does indeed seem to be under way.
The group difference was most 'pronounced' in tasks requiring continuation and synthesis of phonological units.
Driving into the city, I always notice the 'pronounced' Christian billboard citing a biblical passage.
The skin can become thicker and leathery, with more 'pronounced' lines and in severe cases it can even crack.
However, the end of the Cold War gave a strong boost to a more 'pronounced' liberal posture.
Apparently, normalizing for the number of pawns makes the effect more 'pronounced' .
Passengers may notice this as there is a 'pronounced' well in the cabin floor ahead of it.
My sleeping disorders get 'pronouncedly' worse.
Having said that, unless you are happy spending a day being bounced up and down in a 'pronouncedly' uncomfortable ‘hard seat’, booking sleeper tickets in advance for about 100 yuan is a good idea.
You know what I mean - visibly dirty, 'pronouncedly' smelly, and exhibiting abnormal behavior (usually attributed to drug use).
It's dramatically fragile, more 'pronouncedly' rhythmic and spends its energy for the first four minutes in forward motion until exhaustion dissipates its momentum.
Oh, the entire building, usually something entirely fixed and solid, seems to be swaying quite 'pronouncedly' from side to side.
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