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a long period of prosperity
the state of being prosperous.
translation of 'prosperity '
Education is still our number one priority, because Britain's future economic 'prosperity' depends upon it.
For the economy as a whole, innovation is the key to higher productivity and greater 'prosperity' for all.
The mixed economy boomed, bringing unprecedented 'prosperity' to the middle and working classes.
The country's continued 'prosperity' is dependent on the opportunities and achievements of all its residents.
The town's elite were retailers, whose 'prosperity' depended on the railway freight rates.
Everyone knows it has brought prosperity, although that 'prosperity' is not equally shared.
Ageing populations and rising 'prosperity' across the world can only reinforce demand trends.
The university's future success is undoubtedly important for the city's 'prosperity' .
They have had formative years of almost uninterrupted 'prosperity' , growth and success.
Fridges are also indicators of a nation's 'prosperity' .
In nativities, this eclipse promises fame, 'prosperity' , health and peace of mind.
a long period of peace and 'prosperity'
In the first half of the century, Pisa and the cities of Tuscany had enjoyed unprecedented 'prosperity' .
Plans to increase 'prosperity' in the region will automatically lead to a need for better housing conditions.
"To ensure the 'prosperity' in this region, we have to build trust, " he said.
All need to be strongly represented to ensure the continued 'prosperity' and success of the organisation.
Is that a situation, too, where the relative 'prosperity' is more apparent than real?
Many gave up security and 'prosperity' and returned from overseas to do so.
The role of freedom in creating 'prosperity' has been the central discovery of economics over the past two centuries.
Maybe with their magical powers and position, they would bring great 'prosperity' to the world.
"First, science is vital to our country's continued future 'prosperity' , " he said.
a long period of 'prosperity'
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