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he was the quintessential tough guy—strong, silent, and self-contained
representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class.
translation of 'quintessential'
Symbolically, his roles represented the 'quintessential' dissident.
With knock-knees and pigeon toes, he was not your 'quintessential' runner, but he trained like a demon.
The first point that should be made about Collins is that he is the 'quintessential' army man.
The 'quintessential' banned record: its notoriety took it to number one.
These comprise the 'quintessential' sights and sounds of Maritime coastal communities.
They have been described as the 'quintessential' English pop group, with a string of hits bemoaning late-teen angst.
My visit to this restaurant represented the 'quintessential' contemporary Irish dining experience.
I believe Antonio is the 'quintessential' Montrealer because Montreal is a quirky city.
So any mandatory reading list for young women should include at least one 'quintessential' guy book.
I suppose the waterfront dispute is the 'quintessential' example, but that is only one amongst many.
He is the 'quintessential' storyteller, who likes to write his tale and have it read.
The first movie, made in 1969, was the 'quintessential' British caper film of the 1960s.
It is also the ideal place to go for a 'quintessential' English-style tea.
John properly described Bill as the 'quintessential' English gentleman and he will be much missed by everyone.
Whatever his faults and many quirks, Monty is the 'quintessential' team player.
He is the 'quintessential' tragic music teacher, wild hair and too many kittens.
We shall consider each in turn and then discuss the 'quintessential' example of the problem.
Although the alliance's cause is 'quintessentially' British, it has attracted support from wealthy Anglophile foreigners.
But the film medium has always had difficulty in translating effects that are 'quintessentially' literary.
Thus, though something of a rebel in British academic society, he was also 'quintessentially' British.
It seems appropriate that there should be a hint of stern, Presbyterian disapproval in a venue which is to be 'quintessentially' Scottish.
While there, I made sure to do a handful of 'quintessentially' Texan things.
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