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the regressive, infantile wish for the perfect parent of early childhood
becoming less advanced; returning to a former or less developed state.
Clearly we are not likely to lower regressive excise taxes on cigarettes, nor are we likely to lower the payroll tax for lower-income workers.
(of a tax) taking a proportionally greater amount from those on lower incomes.
translation of 'regressive '
पीछे की ओर धुमानेवाला,
पीछे की ओर हटानेवाला,
वापस आनेवाला,
I find their puerile, psychologically 'regressive' child's play boring and self-absorbed, but maybe I just don't understand them.
It's an example of infantilism, a 'regressive' desire for boundarylessness, a plea for a love object that never disappoints.
Steeply 'regressive' taxation was flattened so that those on high incomes paid considerably less while at the same time the poor were forced to pay more.
Ideologically, they turn in on themselves, becoming more 'regressive' and irrational in their justifications and often more cruel in their political actions.
This would be a 'regressive' step and could lead to a two-tier-system, with those who could afford getting the medicine of the doctor's choice doing so, whereas poorer patients might not.
He said the possibility of bringing back fees, being considered in a government review of third level funding, could prove 'regressive' .
Here it should also be noted that it is wrong to depict one's religious community as more liberal and progressive and another community as more 'regressive' and backward.
There may be genetic factors at work, but in the case of 'regressive' autism, the primary cause has to be intimately introduced; genetics are secondary.
On the whole, the focus is on strengthening the adult sides of the patient and on normalizing the situation instead of focusing on 'regressive' behavior.
That's why sales tax is often denigrated as a 'regressive' tax.
These survivors are deformed, 'regressive' , bestial, and held in check by a repressive dictatorship that combines the authority of church and state.
Yes, it's the old 'regressive' tax argument, but it's also common sense.
We are offering the Bill to the Government in the hope that they will take it on board and run with this rather than their own 'regressive' Bill.
Do not criticize 'regressive' behavior (returning to a previous level of development).
Links and colleagues rightly note that modern short-term hospitalizations have few of the 'regressive' dangers that previously existed.
If taxes are 'regressive' , taking a larger share from low-income budgets than from high-income budgets, they will contribute to increased inequality in income and consumption opportunities.
Whilst the first two involve 'regressive' analysis and synthesis, the third and fourth involve decompositional analysis and synthesis.
Clearly we are not likely to lower 'regressive' excise taxes on cigarettes, nor are we likely to lower the payroll tax for lower-income workers.
The salt tax was severely 'regressive' , since it fell heaviest on the peasants who needed salt to feed to their cattle.
Lastly, are we really preparing for developed world status, or are we on a 'regressive' path to under-developed status?
Three of the states among the ten with the most 'regressive' taxes also made the list of those with the biggest deficits as a percentage of planned state spending.
There is a 'regressive' longing for the world of the perfectly nurtured child here, which is why speaking of the fallen psychiatrist and patient who act this out literally seems apt.
Atkinson did admit that indirect taxes are largely 'regressive' , and that eliminating them would increase effective disposable income.
State and local jurisdictions are more vulnerable to tax competition than the national government, and state and local taxes are more 'regressive' than federal taxes.
A 1998 report described 12 children with inflammatory bowel disorders who developed 'regressive' conditions including autism.
Excessive clinging, sleeping/eating disorders, 'regressive' behavior, limits testing, manipulation, and wanting to contact parents are common reactions.
Washington, which has no state income tax, has one of the most 'regressive' tax systems in the nation.
He explained that science, and even a limited understanding of immunology, could not account for the speed with which some children had apparently acquired the 'regressive' symptoms of autism after being vaccinated.
Work with your staff on understanding the 'regressive' behaviors that may be exhibited.
If he realizes this goal, he will have succeeded in passing the most 'regressive' tax program in U.S. history.
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