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he announced his resignation
an act of retiring or giving up a position.
a shrug of resignation
the acceptance of something undesirable but inevitable.
translation of 'resignation'
पद का परित्याग,
The actress is frequently locked into playing a stoic, good-natured sufferer with a look of passive 'resignation' about her.
The agriculture and forestry minister tendered his 'resignation' in protest of the halting of the ministry's project.
I'm thinking of handing in my 'resignation'
It was there that the Dutchman announced his 'resignation' .
The group demanded my immediate 'resignation' , and printed my e-mail address on its Web site.
Then with a shrug of 'resignation' , all he could offer was a throwaway comment, ‘that's the way it is’.
Across the Western world, commentators of various sorts have noted this growing public 'resignation' to powerlessness.
With a shrug of 'resignation' , the manservant slapped him lightly across the face.
Maybe it's an air of 'resignation' ; most delegates realise that what they think matters very little.
Annamma is no match for her husband either in stature or in qualities and accepts her lot with 'resignation' .
The initial amazement and anger which greeted his decision has given way, in most quarters, to shrugged 'resignation' .
I am thankful to citizens who sent me letters of support and email after I announced my 'resignation' in July, " he said.
He apparently felt that including his 'resignation' in this document would bring the matter to a head.
The sudden 'resignation' of a director should arouse your suspicion, as should significant changes in buying patterns.
Rather than fortitude, courage or conviction, his morality play teaches 'resignation' , passivity and submission.
It was from an old employee of the Patent Office, offering his 'resignation' to the head of the department.
Slowly the atmosphere transforms itself into one of acceptance and 'resignation' .
Two Independent Ministers will also tender their 'resignation' , sources said.
Has she heard from the first minister since announcing her 'resignation' ?
he announced his 'resignation'
This short final excursion cost poor Cherub but I could see 'resignation' and acceptance in both Belinda and Cherub upon their return.
If any of you feel you cannot support this program, I will receive your 'resignation' immediately after this meeting.
The computer won its match with human World Chess Champion Kasparov by causing his 'resignation' in Game 6 after only 19 moves, after what had been an even contest to that point.
He will hand in his 'resignation' to the President on Tuesday after a scheduled cabinet meeting, officials said.
Other officers had announced their 'resignation' from the committee.
Sadly, he has not recovered and they regretfully announced his 'resignation' on Monday.
He remained in office until his 'resignation' in March 1971.
One could debate whether that statement reflects acceptance or simply 'resignation' .
Rebecca leaned back into his hold and shrugged with 'resignation' .
It won't surprise you, I think, that I'm here to announce my 'resignation' from the Shadow Cabinet and the Ministry.
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