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they thought the stage no life for a respectable lady
regarded by society to be good, proper, or correct.
a respectable botanical text
of some merit or importance.
translation of 'respectable'
This popular Indian dress evolved as a comfortable and 'respectable' garment for women in Kashmir and Punjab region, but is now immensely popular here, too.
Baby and small lobsters fall prey to predators of their own element; but those which reach a 'respectable' size are able to defend themselves very well.
The 'respectable' Christian Science Monitor produced an important article, ‘Why do they hate us?’
For in the realm of diagnosis and treatment negligence is not established by preferring one 'respectable' body of opinion to another.
For all the 'respectable' clothes they wore, they had the looks of ruffians about them.
Of course, it would be too much for a single nominalist to provide an acceptable version of each 'respectable' scientific theory.
Science fiction is not regarded as a 'respectable' genre, he agrees.
But one of the biggest issues facing the agencies is that these dealers appear to live ordinary lives and often embed themselves in so-called 'respectable' society.
It was much too late for chatting; any 'respectable' lady would have retired to her quarters.
The economy grew at a 'respectable' 3.7 percent annual rate in the third quarter.
Lou spent much of her life in the company of men from 'respectable' society, but she could never be a part of that society herself.
For while they may appear every inch the middle-class professional, there is a growing chance a surprising secret lurks beneath the 'respectable' clothing.
To understand the reasons behind this concern, consider the small sizes into which very 'respectable' yields can be packaged.
Sprigs of table coral have become established on the wreckage, some now a 'respectable' size.
There is a decent amount of room in the rear and the boot is well shaped, taking a 'respectable' amount of luggage.
They have all risen to the challenge, holding 'respectable' positions in society, all sharing a common purpose of giving something back to their community.
Adorn yourself with clean and 'respectable' clothes.
You refuse to change to become like the rest of 'respectable' society.
The restaurant is very unassuming from the outside and appears to be quite small, but in fact, the main dining area opens up beyond the well stocked central bar and is a very 'respectable' size.
I like her immensely, even though I harbor a 'respectable' amount of fear every time I have to converse with her.
But even on a quarter-on-quarter basis, the July-September growth was still a 'respectable' 1.97 percent.
This British troupe's production shows the seductive and steamy underside of 'respectable' British high society.
If, after three months, you haven't learned to act like a 'respectable' young lady you will remain in New York at that disciplinary school.
From the day that the crime was committed to the point of the sentencing and beyond, I began to make many changes into changing myself into a more 'respectable' member of our society.
In front of her was a fish tank modified to carry a 'respectable' amount of lizards.
They have raised a 'respectable' amount of money locally through social events.
Victorians sought to create 'respectable' personal habits in societies where the vast majority of inhabitants can be described only as crude.
Young male office and shop clerks occupied a precarious social and economic position on the margins of 'respectable' middle-class Victorian society.
If we don't teach our children these values, how can we honestly expect them to become valuable and 'respectable' members of society?
They have generally marginalised less 'respectable' behaviour, finding it difficult to acknowledge or convenient to overlook.
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