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they sit in respectful silence
feeling or showing deference and respect.
translation of 'respectful'
सम्मान पूर्ण,
अवश्य करने वाला,
They waited as the boat drew alongside, still keeping a 'respectful' distance.
I'm very proud of the film and I think I've been truthful and 'respectful' of his work.
It is important that self-inflicted injuries are responded to in a calm and 'respectful' manner.
So, be tolerant and 'respectful' , but also keep a sense of humour and remember how to laugh.
In the early days, the novels received some 'respectful' reviews and won a small band of devoted admirers.
There was a 'respectful' silence of a few seconds while the others internalised this concept.
It was civil, mutually 'respectful' , completely lacking in any personal animosity.
Hundreds of people drew near her grave and police had to be called in to hold them back and keep a 'respectful' distance.
Unlike us, she will be mindful of the dangers; 'respectful' of the distance and her rivals.
He didn't achieve much at school in academic terms but he was 'respectful' of his elders and listened to them.
We should, therefore, be 'respectful' of them rather than rushing to judgement.
From beginning to end they remained meek and 'respectful' in the presence of their mother and aunt.
For this reason the town will fall silent and its residents will pay their own 'respectful' tribute today.
All we are asking is that we be treated in a 'respectful' manner and spoken to in a respectable tone of voice.
Maybe they feel like there should be a 'respectful' silence during a round of golf.
He's a fantastic young man, is very 'respectful' and comes highly recommended.
The children themselves kept a 'respectful' distance, which is perfectly understandable.
She's 'respectful' , polite and particularly helpful when it comes to clearing away the dishes.
They were very courteous and helpful and I tried to be 'respectful' by covering my hair with a black scarf.
If someone wants to be polite and 'respectful' to me, the best thing I can do is be the same back to them.
We haven't planned special assemblies but we will remember he was a pupil here and pause for thought 'respectfully' .
I am especially impressed with the 'respectfulness' and thoughtfulness of those writers who disagreed with my position.
I also want to see 'respectfulness' and loving relationships, but we do not need law for that.
The female medical role models were said to convey more ‘human’ attributes: tolerance, integrity, 'respectfulness' , and support towards students.
We were encouraged to focus only on the positive, listen to each other 'respectfully' and engage our imaginations.
Tea is thought to evolve from four kinds of thought in Korean Buddhism - peacefulness, 'respectfulness' , purity and quietness.
My rules of engagement already ask participants to behave 'respectfully' towards other commenters.
The march was treated pretty 'respectfully' and got front page coverage in a lot of the newspapers I saw.
But it really is scant return for the concentration and 'respectfulness' invested.
I would 'respectfully' advise the chairman that a football club is not run as a conventional business, as few trade at a profit.
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