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the bombings are believed to be in retaliation for the trial of 15 suspects
the action of returning a military attack; counterattack.
translation of 'retaliation'
The civilian minority ' empowered ' by you will require heavy US military protection to withstand 'retaliation' .
The insurgent terrorists have launched a day of mayhem across parts of Iraq in 'retaliation' for the assault on Fallujah.
the bombings are believed to be in 'retaliation' for the trial of 15 suspects
Al Jazeera's reporter puts the bombings in the context of a 'retaliation' for an earlier assassination by Israelis of a Hamas leader.
In the past, Israel has launched military offensives in 'retaliation' for major Palestinian attacks.
During the Cold War, NATO's strongest deterrent against Soviet aggression was the threat of nuclear 'retaliation' .
the bombings are believed to be in 'retaliation' for the trial of 15 suspects
The captured coast watchers were beheaded by the Japanese in 'retaliation' for an American air raid on Betio.
The security personnel then resorted to aerial firing to scare away the rioters, which prompted the Taliban militia to fire back in 'retaliation' .
They don't want to speak out for fear of losing their business through governmental 'retaliation' .
A specimen of the practical nature of his 'retaliation' occurred early in 1859.
The soldiers who spoke to the newspaper chose to remain anonymous, fearing 'retaliation' from the Pentagon.
Lorien thought darkly, to be able to hold hands, to kiss, to say I love you out loud without fear of 'retaliation' .
Obviously, the revealing investigative reports into the dark side of society triggered the 'retaliation' .
In the case of community policing, there is often the additional cost of possible 'retaliation' from criminals in the community.
Hakimullah Mehsud, an aide of Pakistan's Taliban chief, Baitullah Mehsud, said the attack was 'retaliation' for the operations in Swat.
The Americans have not executed prisoners in 'retaliation' for assassinations.
Hitters dig in, knowing they need not worry about 'retaliation' .
Justice will not be rendered; only 'retaliation' can be expected.
she rejected as preposterous any suggestion that she had acted in 'retaliation'
The settlements are the original violence to which all Palestinian action is a 'retaliation' .
protectionism invites 'retaliation'
They were I guess in the process of going back a third time in order to get the WTO to authorise 'retaliation' .
Evidently, power or class differentiation precludes such direct 'retaliation' .
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