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a Georgia O'Keeffe retrospective
an exhibition or compilation showing the development of the work of a particular artist over a period of time.
our survey was retrospective
looking back on or dealing with past events or situations.
translation of 'retrospective'
The decisions of the ombudsman will be binding, subject to a right of appeal to the High Court with a 'retrospective' time limit of six years.
A 'retrospective' exhibition of the work of Hamish Fulton is at Tate Britain until 4 June.
I understand the lack of a commentary track, especially since two of the three main personnel are dead, but surely we could have been given at least a 'retrospective' documentary detailing the troubled production.
This 'retrospective' exhibition presented works spanning the five-decade-long career of William Clutz.
These works, part of a bequest from Jochen Schneider, patron and friend of the artist in Kampala, were the specific stimulus for the 'retrospective' exhibition and its catalogue reviewed by Kasfir.
The Victoria and Albert Museum is celebrating the centenary of the photographer's birth in 1904 with a 'retrospective' exhibition of his work based on prints from the Bill Brandt Archive.
But if you haven't paid enough because you've spent half your life back-packing around the world, you are allowed to make 'retrospective' contributions for up to the past six years.
Symphonic music tended to be 'retrospective' , with Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven forming the staple fare and accounting for the conservative forms of Schumann's and Mendelssohn's orchestral compositions.
This was a 'retrospective' article about the attorney's career in the midst of a campaign for municipal judge, eight years after Burroughs was said to have submitted legislation.
Following 'retrospective' exhibitions at the Whitney Museum and Corcoran Gallery in 1974, she began keeping journals documenting her life as an artist.
The two 'retrospective' articles published by the Moulton Advertiser in 1984 and 1998 did not print the Letson family name.
I presume there is no question of 'retrospective' operation of any award that would be made in this case.
Thompson retains the lines but abandons their judicial context, thus depriving the play of its 'retrospective' irony.
A major 'retrospective' exhibition of his work was held at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in 1996 and another was launched in Paris in 2000.
In 1971 a major 'retrospective' of his work was held at the Museum of Modern Art.
Section 3 of the Law Reform Act provides that section 4 is not 'retrospective' .
Reznikoff clearly preferred the wisdom of experience, a 'retrospective' mood, to merely evoking the frenzy of the immediate moment.
They tuned down in adaptation to Swedish taste, merging after some time into a romantic nationalism, embracing art nouveau and Jugend motifs as well as 'retrospective' back-to-basics ideals.
She is also preparing a touring 'retrospective' of Paul Kos, to open in April 2003.
The largest is a comprehensive 'retrospective' featuring over 200 of Arbus's photographs, along with contact sheets, cameras, letters and books from her personal library.
The rules are not 'retrospective' , but it will mean people who use trusts in the future will be forced to sell up, move out, or pay the tax.
He has won numerous awards and in 1976 was the first native-born living American artist to be honoured with a 'retrospective' exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum, New York; but critical opinion on him is widely divided.
In 1960, the American Federation of Arts organized a 'retrospective' of Lawrence's work that traveled to 16 cities.
Fifteen minutes of 'retrospective' interviews with director and writer Polanski, producer Robert Evans and production designer Richard Sylbert offer a lot of history and insight about the film.
His 'retrospective' exhibition featured only 123 of his best works, but many more have come to light since, and continue to do so.
It was also shown at the 1857 'retrospective' exhibition of Delaroche's works at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and was photographed by Robert Bingham for the catalogue raisonne published in 1858.
Ralston provides some technical knowledge and insight, while Harryhausen provides some 'retrospective' information and some information on O'Brien that others made not have previously known.
A large 'retrospective' exhibition like the one presently at the Guggenheim Museum must be both thrilling and terrifying.
There might be some 'retrospective' legislation and one day they'll come around and take your computers away and name you in the paper.
The paradox of 'retrospective' exhibitions is that they present the artist's work as completed and therefore past, even as some of the work receives its first public viewing.
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