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अंधी गली
That meant having to hide the cameras to capture footage of the police and military roadblocks that are a common sight across Mexico.
a barrier or barricade on a road, especially one set up by the authorities to stop and examine traffic.
Our car slows down for traffic, and Daddy says, ‘It's a 'roadblock' , see the cops way up there?’
the tax has become a 'roadblock' against investment incentives
A few years ago, I was hitting a 'roadblock' in my personal work.
Of course, there's one big 'roadblock' with this release: It's saddled with a remixing/remastering treatment that sands down some of the original's edges.
Technological advances aren't the only challenges facing those in transportation: Rising gas and oil prices put up a formidable 'roadblock' , too.
It puts up a 'roadblock' to the ultimate solution.
From a hilltop in a silent residential quarter, the vigil filed down to the junction where the main road reopens - but only as far as the 'roadblock' five hundred yards away.
Greece's attempts to get the British government to return the Elgin Marbles have met another 'roadblock' , this time from within.
the biggest 'roadblock' to solar power is its price tag
In light of these video issues, the burnt-in subtitles may seem minor, but it was another 'roadblock' to enjoyment of the film.
It is after this strong three song opening salvo that the album should run into a 'roadblock' .
There is a 'roadblock' somewhere further ahead and the convoy stalls for the night.
They explained to the cabbie, who at one point talked us through a 'roadblock' , that I was looking for an American and the American wasn't at home.
the greatest 'roadblock' to peace
the biggest 'roadblock' to solar power is its price tag
Policeman can lose sight of you as you drive through their 'roadblock' , and criminals on foot don't actually come looking for you as a rule.
Setting himself up as a 'roadblock' , Don Quijote demands that they identify and explain themselves.
The mixture of fear and exhilaration he feels when passing through a police 'roadblock' isn't logical, but it is completely understandable.
At the same time, Du Bois's and Washington's own notions of elitism within ‘the race’ suggest a less obvious yet equally formidable 'roadblock' .
In fact, his lyricism is at once his greatest strength and greatest 'roadblock' to growth.
Later, after Hass exposed the situation in an article for the paper, the army returns the 'roadblock' to its original location.
The mentorship, she believes, will help the younger generation address the physical, attitudinal, and practical 'roadblocks' between them and architectural careers.
Attempts to depart are met with 'roadblocks' and gangs of confrontational junk cars.
The Guide explains the most common 'roadblocks' to such institutional use of local food and how to get around them.
Can't the world conspire to ambush you, putting up dead ends and 'roadblocks' where once there were wide-open personal spaces?
Not every writer has mastered the craft well enough to navigate around the 'roadblocks' , and that's the reason why god created editors.
We're trying to tell them it's the same principle as sending out soil samples to analyze, but we are still running into 'roadblocks' .
The next day they called a general strike, and 'roadblocks' appeared everywhere.
That meant having to hide the cameras to capture footage of the police and military 'roadblocks' that are a common sight across Mexico.
Mining villages are ringed with officers, police 'roadblocks' established, non-police movements restricted.
Imphal-Mandalay bus service hits infrastructure roadblock
Industry faces roadblocks as Jat stir enters 7th day
Kerala CPI-M, Congress joint protest against demonetisation hits roadblock
AIFF chief's proposed new competition hits roadblock
TRENDING: Reconstruction of Nepal's quake-hit temple hits a roadblock
Domestic roadblocks impacted India's export prospects in 2017-18: PHD Chamber
Hyderabad's growth hit roadblock under TRS: Rahul
Congress putting roadblocks in way of early solution to Ram temple issue: Amit Shah
Government's mega merger plan for general insurance firms hits fresh roadblock
Mamata a roadblock to Bengal's development: Modi
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