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the individual's right to work has been upheld as sacrosanct
(especially of a principle, place, or routine) regarded as too important or valuable to be interfered with.
translation of 'sacrosanct'
A marriage before God is a 'sacrosanct' thing, an act of union in the eyes of God, irreversible and permanent.
The issue is one of property rights which, in every capitalist society, are both valuable and 'sacrosanct' .
In principle there seems little reason to regard the Internet as 'sacrosanct' , one network that is necessarily free of taxation.
Once upon a time Sunday mornings were 'sacrosanct' times for public worship.
The principle of democracy is 'sacrosanct' , but it will always be interpreted through cultural filters.
The principle of maintaining the territorial integrity of states remained 'sacrosanct' .
It was understood equipment and shooting techniques would evolve, but the principles were 'sacrosanct' .
His speeches could go on for hours and caused great disruption to what were seen to be the 'sacrosanct' ways of Westminster.
If a mistake is reprinted often enough, it becomes 'sacrosanct' - no one questions it, no one verifies it.
Sovereignty has long been a 'sacrosanct' principle in the international system.
These are hands-off, no-go, 'sacrosanct' areas that the British prime minister cannot afford to have tampered with.
Royalty is accorded less respect and marriage is no longer regarded as 'sacrosanct' .
No principle or vision is 'sacrosanct' in Washington except its own security and self-interest.
At the end of the case, Justice Lloyd said wilderness is 'sacrosanct' .
Environmentalism has become a 'sacrosanct' religion of which no questions can even be asked.
Basic human decency and respect for the dead as well as for the feelings of their grieving loved ones should guarantee that burial places are 'sacrosanct' .
Indeed, sports budgets seem to be 'sacrosanct' , elevated to more importance than labs and textbooks.
Long gone are the days when this flag carrier was considered so 'sacrosanct' its planes were blessed by priests on the tarmac before departure.
Yes, we had to slash into 'sacrosanct' areas like health care to save the country.
It could stay holy, 'sacrosanct' , totally uncorrupted and virginal if it wasn't for us humans washing everything over with arrogance.
If something in science suddenly becomes so 'sacrosanct' that you can't question it, then it ceases to be science.
It would be an absurdity to maintain the 'sacrosanctity' of confidentiality if that itself was putting people very seriously at risk.
This is a purely hypothetical example, but I don't see anyone really defending the 'sacrosanctity' of consumer privacy under this set of circumstances.
Considering that Merritt as a singer has a contentious relationship with pitch, he is perhaps not in the greatest position to argue for the 'sacrosanctity' of his tunes.
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