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the severance and disestablishment of the Irish Church
the action of ending a connection or relationship.
translation of 'severance'
विभाजन (विधि),
अलग करना,
संपत्ति की बाँट
What we need to do now is move on to discussing 'severance' terms and the timing of the closure.
However, Patrick says he ‘resigned voluntarily’ and hasn't asked for any 'severance' .
Although there was a shortage of teachers, voluntary 'severance' packages were granted to 1981 teachers, several of whom were teaching essential subjects.
It finds a fine balance between concentration on characters and integration of spatial detail to chart the painful 'severance' of the friendship between the Prince and Falstaff.
All told, Patterson estimates he paid about $100,000 in 'severance' .
It was the highest military contact between the two sides since the 'severance' of formal diplomatic ties.
Finally, 'severance' of the objectionable part seems inappropriate.
What he needed was complete and total separation, 'severance' of all ties.
If they could be redeployed, they would quit and not worry about 'severance' .
There was nothing to show that the 'severance' of that relationship would have on-going traumatic effects for the child.
This isn't the first time the ESB has substantially reduced its workforce through a major voluntary 'severance' package scheme.
the 'severance' and disestablishment of the Irish Church
Discussion about possible 'severance' packages originated some 18 months after the separation.
The political map of Roscommon is once again about to be redrawn with the 'severance' of Longford and the addition of South Leitrim.
a complete 'severance' of links with the Republic
Some have used it as 'severance' for laid-off workers.
More ominously, the 'severance' of the Anglo-Norman reign had left John free to turn his attention to Wales and Ireland.
Sixty permanent staff will be offered a voluntary 'severance' package or redeployment to another ESB area of operation.
Personally, it causes hardship, not only because of the absence of income from work, but also because of the 'severance' of social networks associated with the workplace.
I asked for severance and was told by the vice president of human relations that since I had resigned, I was not entitled to any 'severance' .
However, any hope of preserving neutrality was soon abandoned and the 'severance' of diplomatic relations with the Axis was announced at the Rio conference in February 1942.
He suggests asking for additional salary, increased 'severance' , or payment during the period of the restrictive covenant.
A $12 million pool is to be set up to administer 'severance' and unemployment benefits to those who are terminated.
The two men who oversaw the company, Lord George Simpson and John Mayo, left it last year with $6 million in combined 'severance' .
One analyst said the decision will not lead to an immediate 'severance' of diplomatic ties between them.
He said on Wednesday that he was prepared to step down at any time to take responsibility for the 'severance' of diplomatic ties.
Taylor believes that the 'severance' of understanding and attunement resulted in superior understanding at least of physical nature.
And I told my creditors that we needed to give these people 10 days of 'severance' , even though that would deplete the rest of our cash.
If you feel you must, get a side agreement entitling you to unemployment benefits and 'severance' .
‘Our 'severance' and unemployment were contingent on training the replacements,’ she says.
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