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the similarity of symptoms makes them hard to diagnose
the state or fact of being similar.
translation of 'similarity'
Three of the blighters appeared in the past week, and the 'similarity' of the respective plots was striking.
Most of my friends were Liberal Arts Majors, but there the 'similarity' ended.
In fact, it is said that the only 'similarity' he has with Anwar is that both come from Penang State in the north.
But there was such an overall 'similarity' to his home town that the man felt he must have suffered some sort of breakdown.
This is because of the close 'similarity' in appearance.
The 'similarity' of the two fires suggests the possibility of malicious intent.
the 'similarity' of symptoms makes them hard to diagnose
An even more perfect fit is the 'similarity' of attitudes to women between the two times.
Any 'similarity' to real persons or institutions is unintentional, say the credits at the end.
In fact, the 'similarity' is so compelling that D'Arcy has no business attempting a denial.
The essential 'similarity' is that both men are lawyers more than they are liars.
The facts of that case bore a striking 'similarity' to those of the present one.
Although both terrorism and communism are radical in nature, the 'similarity' stops there.
Given the 'similarity' of the attacks, police suspected that a single individual was responsible.
In fact theirs is very much a superficial 'similarity' , based on prodigious talent and youth more than anything else.
Any 'similarity' to a real person with the initials M and M is entirely intentional.
The 'similarity' of the attacks has stunned the family who had believed the person responsible for the murder had been detained.
This reference probably comes from the 'similarity' of the word llama to the word lamer.
Tonight's thought is on the nature of politics and its 'similarity' to another line of work.
She discovered her 'similarity' to Nadine when she was shown on television auditioning for the show.
The 'similarity' of this vision with the events of the Paris Commune is clear.
Looking back now, it was a strange choice, as the only 'similarity' between the two animals was that they were dogs.
the 'similarity' of symptoms makes them hard to diagnose
Except for a vague 'similarity' in the themes, there is nothing in common to them.
The author spoke briefly about the 'similarities' between Tamil and Japanese languages.
The 'similarities' between the two end there, and it is the difference which will make people watch.
For many observers there are big 'similarities' between the two deals.
There were here certain obvious 'similarities' on the facts to the case of Dodd.
Such research is valid and useful because of the genetic and physiological 'similarities' between humans and apes.
I have discovered that there are many 'similarities' between cycling and carpentry.
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