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her black hair was sleeked down
make (the hair) smooth and glossy, typically by applying pressure or moisture to it.
he was tall, with sleek, dark hair
(of hair, fur, or skin) smooth and glossy.
translation of 'sleek'
चमकदार होनेवाला
I turned to find a short, 'sleek' woman with short brown hair and alluring brown eyes.
The products are 'sleek' , stylish, and affordable, clearly aimed at the young and hip consumer.
Yesterday, the animal was 'sleek' and well-covered as he slid into the sea off East Pier in Howth harbour.
She was 'sleek' , scarred, deadly-looking, and experiencing some engine trouble.
An alcoholic and suicidal ad executive finds himself in a dive where a 'sleek' girl in yellow is the cynosure of all the rowdy dancers.
She was beautiful; her waist length chestnut colored hair was 'sleek' and straight; it fell in a shimmering wave in front of her thin oval face on one side.
He stood up, and a second later a 'sleek' black wolf was beside me.
They are 'sleek' and modern, filled with ethereal light, with clean lines and spare spaces.
Azure damsel fishes, only an inch or so in length, capture all possible shades of blue in one 'sleek' swift body.
She hopped up onto the couch next to Kamrune, laid down and proceeded to clean her 'sleek' fur.
The light reflecting from the hallway allowed glimpses of the 'sleek' figure beneath.
His 'sleek' and glossy facade is something for which he is regularly - and unfairly - criticised in the British press.
The 'sleek' man who has taken his place is delighted to talk about his transformation.
In one of her hands she still grasped a firearm-a smooth, 'sleek' affair of deadly black metal.
My pair of 'sleek' , stylish and always sexy Lycra bike shorts that I was sporting only weeks ago have been traded in for sweatpants and a fleece.
By most accounts, it drew a 'sleek' crowd and a bit of scepticism.
He was not especially fluffy, in fact he was a very short-haired, 'sleek' kitten, with suspicious tufts to the tops of his ears which made us suspect he was half lynx.
The two 'sleek' horses stood close together as they feasted on the sweet grass.
Jackson was all angles and possessed a stark thinness suggestive of angry starvation, whereas his sister was 'sleek' .
They were very 'sleek' and small and had room for two in the front, and one cramped backseat for a third person in the back.
He stood tall, with slender, but firm, shoulders and rippling, 'sleek' muscles.
My chestnut hair was 'sleek' and dark and my face was as white as unmarked paper.
Her hair was 'sleek' and made her look sexy and mature.
He was a magnificent specimen with a deep mahogany coat and 'sleek' muscles.
It had 'sleek' fur, and whiskers that stretched away from the face.
This jacket can be worn with 'sleek' pants and a stylish shirt, or a classic sweater and jeans.
He threw the book down, searched for the wineglass, then jumped out of the tub, a mass of bubbles and flesh, 'sleek' flesh.
They were 'sleek' , simple, perfect vehicles for attacking in large numbers and flying away without a trace.
It appeared 'sleek' and comfortable in bright blue with white trim in contrast to the worn looking Communist era rolling stock nearby.
Elegant and 'sleek' Doug Glanville patrols center field, and newly blossomed Mike Lieberthal is the catcher.
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