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Despite this scepticism about mobile apps there's better news for makers of smartphones and PDAs from the survey.
a cellular phone that is able to perform many of the functions of a computer, typically having a relatively large screen and an operating system capable of running general-purpose applications.
The new strategy reverses their plans, announced in July, to launch a 'smartphone' .
The most obvious option - the acquisition of a proven 'smartphone' operating system and hardware design team - doesn't exist.
Despite all the anxiety and industry noise surrounding the choice of operating systems for 'smartphones' , the final arbiter is user experience.
Now 'smartphones' and wireless PDAs are creating new applications, as they become slim mobile clients.
As 'smartphones' and wireless-enabled PDAs evolve, business users can conceivably replace their personal computers.
But at just 1.7 per cent of the handset market, 'smartphones' remain a minority interest among mobile phone users.
So, are we about to see a blanket ban on 'smartphones' , and on notebook computers, in the air?
Some argue that 3G itself is a form of FMC, as are IP-enabled 'smartphones' that can download applications.
The other factor that will be important in achieving a broader market for 'smartphones' will be the operating system.
Currently, Wi-Fi is mainly available in laptops, 'smartphones' and as part of a broadband home gateway, all devices that are priced at several hundred dollars or more.
One thing's for sure, those wanting to access corporate data on the move can now choose from a variety of solutions from 'smartphones' to lug-able laptops.
It's not an operating system for 'smartphones' - more a smart system for operating phones.
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Both PDAs and 'smartphones' are personal devices that offer a natural home for your address book.
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However, PDAs will face increasing competition from 'smartphones' and other converged multimedia devices offering similar functionalities over the forecast period.
Your view to this, about PDAs and 'smartphones' being the same thing, except for connectivity, is interesting.
Despite this scepticism about mobile apps there's better news for makers of 'smartphones' and PDAs from the survey.
Still, as more handsets invariably take on PDA functionality, it's hard to see PDAs out-selling 'smartphones' for very much longer.
With 'smartphones' equipped with megapixel cameras due later this year, that generate ever larger images, this will become even more expensive.
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