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दबाव डालना
they would have to work together to steamroller the necessary bills past the smaller parties
(of a government or other authority) forcibly pass (a measure) by restricting debate or otherwise overriding opposition.
Then he brought in steamrollers to flatten the rubble like parking lots.
a heavy, slow-moving vehicle with a roller, used to flatten the surfaces of roads during construction.
translation of 'steamroller'
दबाव डालना,
विनाशकर शक्ति,
असर डालना,
प्रभाव डालना
Defeat at Trafalgar ended any hope of maritime supremacy for France, and thus any realistic hope of vanquishing the British, but Napoleon continued to 'steamroller' his continental opponents.
Brussels bureaucrats may try to 'steamroller' us into oneness, but people are stubborn.
He called for all MPs to ask the Chancellor to consult small business groups before trying to 'steamroller' through the controversial measures.
It is prepared to push on and roll over things like a 'steamroller' .
They simply want to 'steamroller' through developments that have no place in the town.
victims of an ideological 'steamroller'
He wants to 'steamroller' ahead with plans to make people save for their old age, rather than compelling the state or the employer to contribute more.
Pro-hunters fear that if peers refuse to back the Commons this time the Government will use the Parliament Acts to 'steamroller' a ban into law.
I protested, but she ran me over with the efficiency of a 'steamroller' .
Vick proceeded to 'steamroller' the board in the manner to which we have by now become accustomed.
The roadworkers used machinery such as the 'steamroller' and crusher depicted.
‘People are now more religious,’ he says above the din of a 'steamroller' smashing chunks of granite into a foundation for the new road.
I think the council was trying to 'steamroller' us and gamble that we would not go to the district valuer.
Clear the road and keep an eye out for the 'steamroller' .
Global strategies can 'steamroller' people who have a profound insight in local markets for the grace of outsourcing and other large management techniques.
A glance over the port rail revealed a 'steamroller' lying on the seabed at 70m.
the government's trying to 'steamroller' a law through
A lot of people have fought hard to save the schools but the ruling group had made its mind up a long time ago and there was no way we could stop the 'steamroller' .
This is hardly the place to rehearse the errors and elisions in his original article, or the way it allows its thesis like a 'steamroller' to flatten the facts.
Only with this Labour Council do we have this naked attempt to 'steamroller' through a scheme without proper consultation.
A lone 'steamroller' trundled along what was supposed to be the car park.
In the First, the Russian 'steamroller' , after initial advances, was put into reverse; in the Second, the Red Army, after severe setbacks, advanced into the centre of Europe.
victims of an ideological 'steamroller'
But it lingered in his mind that if something arose that they had to 'steamroller' through, I would be the type to resign on principle.
Telling my parents ‘No’ is like talking to a 'steamroller' : they don't listen, and insist on plowing you over or dragging you along whether you like it or not.
And they used the Parliament Act 1949 to 'steamroller' the legislation onto the statute books.
He was a 'steamroller' at guard, but now he's playing a new position.
Significantly, the two parties came together in the parliament to 'steamroller' through the legislation creating the three new states.
Watched by thousands, almost 5,000 weapons were flattened by a 'steamroller' or burnt in a pyre.
But I also hope that, god forbid, if their magazine against all odds becomes a financial success, their love of books and concern for writers isn't crushed out by some corporate 'steamroller' .
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