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तगड़ा आदमी
Ivan ‘the Polish Piledriver’ Putski was a legendary strongman , famous for performing feats of strength prior to matches.
a man of great physical strength, especially one who performs feats of strength as a form of entertainment.
translation of 'strongman'
दबंग अधिकारी
The KMT regime relied completely on the unique characteristics of a 'strongman' leader, emphasizing leadership over the law.
Kunduz is the home ground of Dostum, an ethnic Uzbek 'strongman' .
One way of escaping such dichotomies is to cease thinking about them, replacing this uncomfortable confusion with decisive rule by a 'strongman' .
Namibian 'strongman' Andre du Preez will perform his feats of physical strength for one and half hours before the start of the fireworks.
Close associates of the former 'strongman' allegedly often garnered funds from Bulog for their own businesses.
a fairground scene with acrobats, a 'strongman', and fire-eating
To the Pakistani 'strongman' , Kashmir is a matter of commitment and conviction.
The film is based on the true story of a Jewish 'strongman' (played by two-time world's strongest man Jouko Ahola) in Nazi Germany.
Ivan ‘the Polish Piledriver’ Putski was a legendary 'strongman' , famous for performing feats of strength prior to matches.
They opt for a presidential system, which tends to be a bad idea in states with traditions of 'strongman' rule.
"I don't know, " he said when asked if he planned to see the Iraqi 'strongman' .
When Suharto was Indonesia's president, the 'strongman' 's relatives and friends built business empires blessed by his favor.
The military 'strongman' rules Taiwan until his death in 1975.
He has repeatedly guaranteed the former military 'strongman' an immediate pardon were he ever to be convicted.
the failed coup against Panamanian 'strongman' Manuel Noriega
After easily defeating a circus 'strongman' for a cash prize, Zishe catches the attention of a German impresario who wants him to come to Berlin.
That it does not have this is a sign of political immaturity and the KMT's origins in 'strongman' rule.
‘Wiranto wants a reconciliation,’ said Muladi, who was a justice minister under the 32-year rule of 'strongman' Suharto.
Macdonald considers the oddball 'strongman' a performance artist who was ‘part of our culture, our heritage.’
Defeating both of these 'strongmen' garnered Sandow a contract to perform in London at the prestigious Alhambra Music Hall.
Keith began his ascent in the circus, running a sideshow populated with freaks, 'strongmen' , fortune-tellers, and other wonders.
This tiny force is completely outgunned and outnumbered by an estimated 200,000 militia fighters under the control of various local 'strongmen' .
It spurred students and workers in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to oppose the military 'strongmen' , dictators and demagogues in their countries.
So tiny star Istvan Toth has the perfect companions - the circus 'strongmen' .
Jews, they wanted to prove, could be 'strongmen' too.
Several companies make them, and they're very popular with power-lifters, 'strongmen' and other strength and power athletes.
The cosy relationship between old political 'strongmen' and big business is dead.
He will enjoy the kind support normally offered to Panamanian 'strongmen' and Paris Hilton's publicists.
Several parts of the countryside are controlled by ‘revolutionary’ regional 'strongmen' and their cutthroat armies.
"Political repression by local 'strongmen' is the principal problem, " the New York-based rights group said.
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