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there were various suggestive pieces of evidence
tending to suggest an idea.
translation of 'suggestive'
बतलाने योग्य
Symptoms 'suggestive' of LV failure are related primarily to pulmonary edema, and include a persistent cough and dyspnea.
Their essays highlight the extent to which politics was in flux during this period, a point reinforced by Christophe Prochasson in his 'suggestive' piece.
She gives him a playfully sexually 'suggestive' smile.
The Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland differentiates between nudity and 'suggestive' sexual imagery.
The alternate names chosen for the three characters are 'suggestive' of the values depicted by the original roles in tune with Ramayana.
The canker is 'suggestive' of the character weaknesses, hurtful habits and secret sins that lurk below the surface of our respectability until exposed by extreme stress.
The normalized deviate of the ratio trait also demonstrated 'suggestive' evidence of linkage in this region with a LOD of 2.63.
Several patients continued taking alendronate after the occurrence of symptoms 'suggestive' of esophageal irritation.
The Texas House of Representatives, struggling to find ways of filling their days, passed a bill that would outlaw sexually 'suggestive' cheerleading.
The lyrics are merely picturesque and somewhat reminiscent and 'suggestive' of far-away places.
The couple had stepped into the gallery briefly and the 'suggestive' subject matter of the art on the walls caused an abrupt about face.
Both nonspecialists and specialists in Tillich's theology will find here ideas 'suggestive' for contemporary teaching and preaching.
The researchers also found 'suggestive' but inconclusive evidence that erythropoietin may improve overall survival.
They claimed the poster was ‘indecent, sexually 'suggestive' and demeaning to men’.
Diagnostic genetic testing refers to the use of a gene test in a patient who has symptoms 'suggestive' of Huntington's disease, with or without a family history.
Of course, no matter how 'suggestive' his lyrics, Kelly is entitled to the presumption of innocence.
The majority of patients have symptoms 'suggestive' of an infection of the upper respiratory tract at the onset of the episodes.
A driver who left a woman passenger terror stricken when he drove her past her home also lost his licence, as did a driver who made sexually 'suggestive' remarks to a passenger.
Her photographs are staged and 'suggestive' of narrative and literature, focusing mainly on female characters.
These indications were 'suggestive' of six previous hybridization events between the two native carnivores.
This guy sitting behind me in one of my classes always makes 'suggestive' remarks.
The fragmented pieces of captured text are projected onto a blank white wall to create subtly shifting images 'suggestive' of bygone worlds.
There is also a splendid view from Cave Hill over the lough to the south shore where there are mountains more 'suggestive' of volcanic Polynesia than Cultra and Holywood.
It may well be that contact with oriental cosmology and theology helped to liberate their imagination; it certainly gave them many 'suggestive' ideas.
However, much of the evidence remains 'suggestive' rather than conclusive because all studies are based on natural matings.
The regulations adopted in Shanghai will provide 'suggestive' ideas for national AIDS legislation.
Another 'suggestive' piece of evidence is comparison with dogs that remain on the other side of the long vanished Asia-North America land connection.
The very word ‘automatic’ is 'suggestive' of control being wrested from human beings and surrendered to the machine.
Laurence Eastwood's set, elegant and subtly 'suggestive' of its inhabitant's character, also deserves a mention.
The piece is 'suggestive' rather than explicit, and passive in the way it interacts with or on the audience.
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