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his endeavor to transplant people from Russia to the Argentine
move or transfer (something) to another place or situation, typically with some effort or upheaval.
a heart transplant
an operation in which an organ or tissue is transplanted.
translation of 'transplant'
एक जगह से उठाकर दूसरी जगह लगाना-या गाडना,
आरोपित करना
How do doctors choose who deserves to have a life-saving liver 'transplant' ?
He is likely to be in hospital for at least a month and will be taking drugs to suppress his immune system so that his body does not reject the 'transplant' .
it was proposed to 'transplant' the club to the vacant site
Not only is he the majority leader, he's also a cardiac 'transplant' surgeon.
If you have had an autologous 'transplant' , your body will not reject the bone marrow.
It is like a human transplant patient rejecting the 'transplant' , but more complicated.
The world's first successful lung 'transplant' was performed at Toronto General in November of 1983.
a heart 'transplant'
If you need a new heart or liver, it might be possible to grow a new perfect 'transplant' using your own cells.
The youngster starts 10 days of chemotherapy, which will be immediately followed by a life-saving stem cell 'transplant' .
The cost to 'transplant' each tree is about $3,500, excluding arborist services and care and maintenance.
The best current methods for 'transplant' surgery or against organ rejection cannot be separated from the research and healthcare settings that make such practices possible.
It isn't a problem if you're a normal, healthy individual, but if you go into hospital for a kidney 'transplant' or similar operation, you will be very vulnerable.
Each was followed by charts depicting nerve function before and after the 'transplant' surgery.
lift and 'transplant' bulbs when they are becoming overcrowded
He underwent a 'transplant' operation four-and-a-half years ago, but the kidney donated by his father was rejected.
Even with a human-to-human organ 'transplant' the body's defence mechanisms attempt to destroy the foreign organ.
He's had a heart 'transplant' operation and it's proved successful.
Another theory is that a woman's higher oestrogen levels make her organs more prone to rejection and at the same time make it more likely that her body will reject an organ 'transplant' .
The 'transplant' rejects the body rather than the other way around, a very nasty situation called graft versus host disease.
This is a good time to give a dose of seaweed tonic as well (cuts down 'transplant' shock and encourages plant to put its energy into developing a good root system).
his endeavor to 'transplant' people from Russia to the Argentine
I do it all the time, especially in word processing, when I want to 'transplant' a sentence from one location to another in one of my hellishly long essays.
The second problem with kidney transplantation is that the recipient's body recognises the 'transplant' as if it were an invader, and tries to destroy it.
You can 'transplant' in the spring up until the plants leaf out.
kidneys available for 'transplant'
Growing early season plants in pots for 'transplant' in October will provide ripe tomatoes by Christmas.
Last year, Britain recorded its the highest number of organ 'transplant' operations ever with 2,867 carried out thanks to the generosity of 1,240 donors.
a heart 'transplant'
The doctor who led the operation is one of the world's leading 'transplant' surgeons.
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