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she was going through a traumatic divorce
emotionally disturbing or distressing.
translation of 'traumatic'
घाव के लिए,
घाव का
These are people that are next to you in a 'traumatic' incident and that trust and support and respect has to be there.
For families of victims it is also deeply 'traumatic' watching their loved ones struggle for breath.
We can only imagine this was indeed a most 'traumatic' and horrifying discovery for the boy.
His lack of health was incredibly disturbing and 'traumatic' for all of us, especially a young boy who idolised him.
Stop reading books about making things work with your wife and read a few about how to make the divorce less 'traumatic' for them.
We also asked the nurse to name one ward providing observation for patients with 'traumatic' brain injuries, where we repeated the interview.
Researchers know that one common thread in a body's reaction to a 'traumatic' injury is inflammation.
It was a 'traumatic' episode with a distressing cliffhanger.
In fact, PTSD can occur in individuals who have been exposed indirectly to a 'traumatic' stressor.
Since the 'traumatic' incident was, by definition, unpleasant, its repetition appeared to contravene the pleasure principle.
This is the cause of chronic swelling that sometimes occurs after surgery or a 'traumatic' injury to a limb.
Finally, 'traumatic' stress seems to have had an impact on the prevalence of general psychopathology as well.
Kids who have gone through a 'traumatic' divorce or the loss of a loved one may already be emotionally at risk.
In Miller's case, the event was particularly 'traumatic' , an awful bolt from the blue.
Let me tell you that throat cancer is not a pretty or a dignified way to go: it is humiliating and painful and 'traumatic' for their families who are left to pick up the pieces.
Divorce is 'traumatic' enough without having to wait two years to get your case heard and sort out your life in a courthouse hall.
It's as painful and 'traumatic' as having a metal probe stuck under your fingernail to pull if off.
For many, the most 'traumatic' and painful part of the disorder is the constant obsession with food and weight.
It was a deeply 'traumatic' experience anticipating a police dog going berserk in the enclosed space that is Streatham Hill ticket office.
This is going to be 'traumatic' and painful and I want to shield myself from it as much as possible.
Separation and divorce are 'traumatic' experiences for couples, their children and their extended families.
It was the the most painful and 'traumatic' thing I have ever experienced but I am glad I decided to wait it out and see if I could do it naturally.
While still agonizing over this 'traumatic' separation, he is approached by a white man who offers him a picayune.
In addition, amnesia for 'traumatic' events may occur in rare cases.
And while the trend in the county was less devastating it was nonetheless 'traumatic' .
All pregnant women with 'traumatic' injury should be assessed formally in a medical setting.
His daughter, now a healthy toddler, had open-heart surgery when she was a few weeks old, a time he remembers as 'traumatic' and upsetting.
Psychological reactions to 'traumatic' events also affect sexual functioning.
About 600-700 people sustain acute 'traumatic' injuries to the spinal cord in the United Kingdom each year.
The loss of innocence is not only inevitable, but it is also both 'traumatic' and devastating.
Gemma Arterton's 'traumatic' experience
PM expresses grief at 'traumatic' boat capsize in Godavari
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