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dainty triangular sandwiches
shaped like a triangle; having three sides and three corners.
translation of 'triangular'
South Africa drew first blood in this summer's Standard Bank 'triangular' cricket series when they beat Zimbabwe by six wickets at the Wanderers last night.
In fact, Beijing has long been the most important player in the India-Pakistan-China 'triangular' relationship.
The garage is 33 feet by 33 feet so it features four equally steep, equally 'triangular' sides meeting in a perfect central peak 33 feet above the ground.
Likewise, a vernacular translation would normally be produced in a 'triangular' relationship with at least two other versions.
The decrescent side is flat and 'triangular' in shape and it does not expand outwardly as much as the other three sides.
The glass pavilion, designed by Dirk van Pastel, is in the western corner of a 'triangular' site, surrounded by the woods and fields of Burgundy.
Their 'triangular' relationship, revealed through charming bilingual interplay, was the heart of this film.
Heterozygotes have a clearly smaller eye with a distinctive 'triangular' shaped pupil.
And what will private energy generators make of this proposed 'triangular' relationship between two state firms and one government department?
Development of personal 'triangular' relationships can cause some anxiety.
For one, slave hiring provided flexibility within the slave system that yielded benefits for all parties involved in the 'triangular' relationship.
They believe in the mystery of his ways, as well as the absolutely necessary 'triangular' relationship of God-universe-science.
I have recently in the last year to year and a half noticed I have on my right shin bone, a perfect 'triangular' shaped scar.
Without raising a sweat, South Africa crushed Kenya by seven wickets at Willowmoore Park here yesterday in the second one-day 'triangular' cricket international.
It had a smooth carapace, like a beetle, and a 'triangular' shaped head with two huge bug eyes atop each corner.
Now companies have made it a 'triangular' relationship.
During Vajpayee's visit, China raised the prospect of a 'triangular' relationship between Russia, China and India.
It was a flying 'triangular' shaped thing with big red lights on the three corners that had a haze like glow to them.
Taiwan could regain some momentum in the Taipei-Tokyo-Beijing 'triangular' relationship by forming a partnership with Japan to contain China's ambitions in the region.
Built by the widow of Sir William James in 1784, the 'triangular' tower is a memorial to her husband, who fought a battle against pirates in 1755 when he captured Severndroog in India.
During the year, cigar, rectangular, and 'triangular' shaped objects in the sky were reported from various locations.
Now they find themselves thrust yet again into an intense 'triangular' relationship: Jimmy the avenger, Sean the truth-seeker and Dave the unfortunate.
The Samoans booked their place with a 31-13 win over Tonga in Apia to move to the top of the 'triangular' Oceania qualifying competition.
The decrescent side is a 'triangular' surface, similar to a pyramidal facet.
Many of the relationships were distinctly 'triangular' .
Alternatively, the door jam looks very similar to any regular 'triangular' door jam and is put very close to the closed door.
Stone Reader explores the 'triangular' relationship between a book, its reader, and the other people who have shared the experience of reading it.
One was wearing all red and had a white, circular shaped hat on, while the other was wearing all yellow and had a yellow, 'triangular' shaped hat on.
The style may be named after the farm animal, but that doesn't mean you should also don a 'triangular' shaped goatee on your chin - a definite fashion faux pas.
It is a 'triangular' shaped cloth of saffron colour (some earlier sources mention blue colour).
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