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learn how to bridle and unbridle a horse
remove the bridle from (a horse or mule).
a moment of unbridled ambition
uncontrolled; unconstrained.
translation of 'unbridled'
Paul's an independent filmmaker whose 'unbridled' ambition is rivaled only by his equally unchecked obsessive nature.
When the people of first-century Jerusalem looked at Saul of Tarsus, they saw a man filled with 'unbridled' spiritual ambition.
I speak, of course, of Riverdance, with its scantily clad females dancing in unison with men, in a vulgar display of wantonness and 'unbridled' lust.
Though Smith cautioned against the excesses of 'unbridled' free enterprise, he insisted that society benefited when the state allowed acquisitive individualism full scope.
It became more and more difficult for the whorehouses, thriving as they did in an atmosphere of degradation and 'unbridled' lust, to survive in such a regulatory environment.
To achieve this end, they wish to dismantle trade barriers, tariffs, and agreements that hinder their vision: the 'unbridled' flow of capital as it suits their best interests.
We live and work in an era of youthful exuberance and 'unbridled' ambition.
Albany recoils from the savage ethos in which his wife lives, foreseeing both her own destruction and that of the universe itself as a consequence of 'unbridled' self-interest.
When the conditions and his 'unbridled' ambition converge - the guy absolutely shines.
Otherwise, the likely excesses by an 'unbridled' military and the consequent loss of confidence in democratic institutions could well stir up even greater conflict.
McClernand's 'unbridled' ambition is no different from that displayed by some senior officers today.
There is a scene in these fantastical travel tales in which humans are turned into grapevines as punishment for 'unbridled' lust.
But the outlaw, formerly known as William Bonny, radiated arrogance, and an 'unbridled' lust for blood in every fiber of his being.
In Marlowe's rendition, he is portrayed as a tragic hero in that his 'unbridled' ambitions lead him to an unfortunate end.
They were an incredibly aggressive people, a people with seeming 'unbridled' ambition to conquer everything.
I guess they figure, as the recent blackout demonstrated, that the only thing separating humanity from 'unbridled' , rampant hedonism is the electricity grid.
While Caesar examines the effect of 'unbridled' political ambition on political order, Merchant explores the effect of revelatory religion on the polity.
While it might not be the way Shakespeare wrote it, ‘Maqbool’ too revolves around 'unbridled' ambition and jealousy for murder.
It's the best fun you'll have with amps, beer, underground rooms and 'unbridled' energetic lust.
So Parliament offers no forum for considered debate and no brake on the 'unbridled' ambition of an unscrupulous Prime Minister.
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