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I was unemployed for three years
(of a person) without a paid job but available to work.
translation of 'unemployed'
काम न करनेवाला,
The patient and the 'unemployed' person are better described as beneficiaries of the service.
This is a regime which rules through military courts, while between six and ten million people are 'unemployed' .
In those days, crime was at a very low level, and the Minister knew every 'unemployed' person by name.
A lot of 'unemployed' people come to the centre trying to get computer skills to improve their chances of getting a job.
the number of 'unemployed' is rising
It also hopes to get at least six 'unemployed' people back into work.
He is already repaying a loan he took and he was 'unemployed' for eight months in 2004.
The courses are free for 'unemployed' people, while wage earners pay a small fee.
There will also be money available for marketing and wage subsidies for firms hiring 'unemployed' people.
Young mums and 'unemployed' people, as well as the elderly have complained they are not able to afford the new charges.
When I started my site I was 'unemployed' or temping as a secretarial assistant in London.
Unless you are 'unemployed' or working less than 16 hours a week you may have to pay for advice.
she became 'unemployed'
'unemployed' people
the long-term 'unemployed'
We have businesses who need skilled employees and 'unemployed' people who need work.
He was 'unemployed' for three months and has now found a new job, but on a lot less money.
an 'unemployed' teacher
Once he took part in a large demonstration of 'unemployed' people in Battersea.
Nearly one in ten people are 'unemployed' in Germany, with almost one in five in the east.
he's currently 'unemployed'
Poor and 'unemployed' people of all origins, clustered around District Six, participated.
There is also the growing underclass of young 'unemployed' people who have little prospect of moving upwards.
Many people are not aware of their full rights and entitlements as 'unemployed' people.
Millions of young, often well educated people are 'unemployed' and face a bleak future.
An 'unemployed' person can claim income support to live on and apply for help paying rent and council tax.
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