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a number of issues remain unresolved
(of a problem, question, or dispute) not resolved.
translation of 'unresolved'
न सुलझा हुआ
Such uncertainties may remain 'unresolved' for several years.
And they are far too deferential to admit that all this is generated, ultimately, by petty and 'unresolved' disputes between the Christian churches.
Social welfare is also affected by the 'unresolved' problem of unemployment due to the lingering economic crisis, which has yet to be fully worked out.
Other 'unresolved' questions focus on the consistency of findings across cultures.
For me the future is always open, and questions are always 'unresolved' .
The introduction of such a coefficient will make it possible to resolve a number of as yet 'unresolved' problems in financing military science.
If the dispute is 'unresolved' following the one-day action, the unions' next action is suspected to be a day of protest, including demonstrations in August.
The clash of ideas, approaches and agendas represented in the figures of Keating and Howard is 'unresolved' , and the election is part of the continuing campaign to sort it all out.
The new management's first task in preparing the ground was to rake through a big file of 'unresolved' customer complaints.
One of the big 'unresolved' questions is how global warming will affect the whisky industry.
I suspect that he also gets a charge out of these last-minute crises, all acted out before the world's media, even if they are 'unresolved' .
Since then thousands of 'unresolved' disputes between the insured and their insurers have been referred to the Insurance Ombudsman and settled.
The thousand-year nuclear waste question remains an 'unresolved' problem with unforeseeable permanent costs.
He also noted that of the individuals that he had spoken with, they were 'unresolved' as to whether Council should increase in size.
According to the last media reports, the public sector pay dispute is still 'unresolved' .
Further, he said, this provided a point of reference for discussing any 'unresolved' questions, if not actually resolving them.
The Middle East is already afflicted with the 'unresolved' problems of the fate of the Palestinians in a dispute that stems largely from religious discord.
Mysteries and 'unresolved' questions are a part of real life, and so it's OK for them to exist in novels.
But the real and 'unresolved' question is whether the global price will be too high.
He is 'unresolved' whether to buy it or to spend the extra shilling on his dinner.
This claim is inconclusive as we may very well be required to do empirical research to settle an 'unresolved' question of fact upon which the theories disagree.
The union claims both sides are close on salary issues but mandatory overtime and understaffing questions are 'unresolved' .
She is 'unresolved' about which charities to include in her will.
The episode concludes with disquieting and 'unresolvedly' painful images of an eventually genocidal race war.
That would diminish the feeling of 'unresolvedness' that made the first film so strong.
The 'unresolvedness' of this juxtaposition opens questions about the pureness of form and the truth of images.
Still, anything that can be said by reference to a group can also be said by reference to the underlying objects alone - in theory; the practice is sometimes 'unresolvedly' difficult.
I wanted, in fact, this 'unresolvedness' , this mystery, to hang over the reader at the end.
And when you're trying to work hard, pull your own weight and do the right thing, it becomes very difficult to condone a system so obviously, 'unresolvedly' broken that people who do the wrong thing get rewarded.
The tone of the collective poem is 'unresolvedly' poised between pity, satire and benediction, which is perhaps deliberate in order to suggest the sense of despair present at that time.
Bhagwat remarks on temple show impatience as issue remained unresolved in PM's first term
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