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These unscrupulous rulers violated every principle of Islam to survive in power.
having or showing no moral principles; not honest or fair.
translation of 'unscrupulous'
शंका रहित,
I have taken great umbrage at the portrayal of scientists as 'unscrupulous' and unethical.
The small transport boats sink, or 'unscrupulous' captains force their passengers into the sea.
Very often these 'unscrupulous' people will just dump the rubbish.
He began copying because he was sick of paying money for inferior material to 'unscrupulous' dealers and considered it his hobby.
People don't like some of the tactics adopted by some 'unscrupulous' evangelists to get people to convert.
Polley said the move would stop 'unscrupulous' business owners from selling imported beef as Scots-produced.
The commission system is open to abuse by 'unscrupulous' advisers who recommend unsuitable plans because they pay more.
The situation has not been helped by 'unscrupulous' landlords renting out property to anybody no matter what their history.
The heyday of the 'unscrupulous' mercenary type dawned when the colonial powers pulled out of Africa leaving chaos behind.
As a result, many people lost money, some no doubt cheated by 'unscrupulous' speculators.
He is ruthless, ambitious, 'unscrupulous' , a threat to the region and a tyrant to his people but that does not make him a terrorist.
It's not much of a gift, especially if some 'unscrupulous' person was able to exploit it for their own wicked advantage.
Mrs Strong said that 'unscrupulous' landlords in the area were attracting unruly tenants.
If this waste material had a simple, cheap dye put in it the indelible stain would prevent it ever being sold on by 'unscrupulous' dealers.
As I stated above proper claims are welcomed as they stop 'unscrupulous' people and employers from exploiting people.
There are lots of grey areas in this industry which many 'unscrupulous' traders love to exploit.
Thus, some 'unscrupulous' types are getting rich off kids' unfulfillable dreams.
It is also true there are 'unscrupulous' persons who would exploit the image and story of Mandela.
These 'unscrupulous' rulers violated every principle of Islam to survive in power.
Religions come into disrepute when manipulated by 'unscrupulous' politicians.
The capital 'unscrupulously' pumped from poor neighborhoods by way of predatory loans whizzes along a high-speed financial pipeline to Wall Street to be used for investment.
Rather 'unscrupulously' , Rudy decides to pose as his best friend Nick (who was stabbed a few days before his release) in order to enjoy the festive period with Ashley, Nick's unfeasibly attractive love interest.
It's terrible to think that civic-minded people doing their bit for the environment are being penalised by the despicable actions of some, who 'unscrupulously' use the bottle bank for something other than its sole purpose.
But he finds - dear me, how distressing - that talent counts for nothing in comparison to money, intrigue, and 'unscrupulousness' .
People who 'unscrupulously' dispose of old cars by selling them cheaply to young people have been accused of ‘effectively handing them lethal weapons’.
And yet these are also the people whose evasiveness and 'unscrupulousness' makes them the least likely to be affected by a geographically bounded anti-spam law.
That powerful interests in society act 'unscrupulously' without checks and balances on their power is a lesson that we would do well to remember when considering the direction one wing of the Socialist movement took in 1917.
The corrupt elements are usually successful in proportion to their astuteness and 'unscrupulousness' .
Few Prime Ministers have ever been more sincere in their piety, and few have been capable of greater deviousness or even 'unscrupulousness' .
It was, according to Balzac, a world in which talent counted for nothing, and bribery, intrigue and 'unscrupulousness' were the key factors in success.
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