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जो भी
I have no doubt whatsoever
at all (used for emphasis).
We are going to add some to our existing hedge as well since there seems to be no top soil whatsoever left in it.
translation of 'whatsoever'
सब कुछ,
जो जो,
जो कुछ,
To will, wish, or strive for anything 'whatsoever' one must in advance already care.
We are going to add some to our existing hedge as well since there seems to be no top soil 'whatsoever' left in it.
There was virtually no foreign investment 'whatsoever' and expats had not so many things to do.
I was left in no doubt 'whatsoever' that Mr Bradley was speaking the truth and that Mr Doshi was not.
he would distribute the money among his partners in 'whatsoever' proportion agreed previously
It is to do with the loss of our national identity and nothing 'whatsoever' to do with money or benefits we may or may not derive from such a move.
I have no doubt 'whatsoever'
People don't like nuance in a leader, they don't like any self-doubt 'whatsoever' .
I also hadn't received my New Statesman last Friday, and had no post 'whatsoever' on Saturday.
In my own testimony, I have no doubt 'whatsoever' that I was both a Christian and demonized.
That provision is put in this bill to remove any doubt 'whatsoever' for Mr Williams.
Strange to report then that with its new car it has made no effort 'whatsoever' to ape the rather appealing styling of the last one.
I have no doubt 'whatsoever'
It is not right to do what Mr Kamati did, by no means 'whatsoever' , but I sympathise with him.
There was no doubt 'whatsoever' in Katherine's mind that this was a change for the better.
I have no time 'whatsoever' for asylum seekers, whether they be in Centenary Square or elsewhere.
Often politicians are accused of having no powers of empathy 'whatsoever' .
That was their strength, so it was hard for him to try and find the gaps, but he certainly did not look out of place 'whatsoever' .
Because when you do it there will be no doubt, none 'whatsoever' , that it is real.
There is actually no truth 'whatsoever' in this and we apologise to all.
He attempted to order a beer, but had a little difficulty, as he knew no German 'whatsoever' .
However, I've heard of fish much bigger and I have no reason to doubt the tales 'whatsoever' .
Looking at the plan, there can be no doubt 'whatsoever' as to the extent of area A1.
He's entitled to his opinions but he has no proof 'whatsoever' other than it's in an area where there are salmon farms.
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