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you treat the matter lightly, whereas I myself was never more serious
in contrast or comparison with the fact that.
translation of 'whereas'
A nonalignable difference is that a bus has a schedule 'whereas' a bicycle does not.
Negligence depends on a breach of duty, 'whereas' contributory negligence does not.
The restoration procedure is discretionary, 'whereas' the challenge to the forfeiture is not.
Cooking for me is like putting on a show - I like to improvise, 'whereas' Nicky is much more precise.
Nanjing has also in the past been the capital of China, 'whereas' now Beijing has that role.
you treat the matter lightly, 'whereas' I myself was never more serious
you treat the matter lightly, 'whereas' I myself was never more serious
At the beginning of this debate Stephen said that he thinks that he is a positivist, 'whereas' I am a Platonist.
Now that's brave, 'whereas' sitting here with cancer, typing a magazine article, is not.
To the north, the second lava unit is by far the thickest, 'whereas' the older unit is only 2 m thick.
Her car had been found on the Yorkshire moors, 'whereas' she'd reappeared about fifty miles from there.
He lived through his era, 'whereas' so many of his friends died in racing accidents.
It was based on polar coordinates 'whereas' earlier instruments were based on cartesian coordinates.
The supernatant was kept in stock 'whereas' the residue was sequentially extracted three times.
The desks have damaged the walls, 'whereas' a more appropriate choice could have prevented such damage.
We can make this in minutes; 'whereas' previously it would take hours to make this part.
The port was well fortified and defended, 'whereas' the Vendéans had no siege train.
A dark room will trigger less light, 'whereas' a bright room will drive more light output.
Thus Mr Smith is now the respondent to this appeal, 'whereas' Mr Clark was the claimant below.
We have natural light 'whereas' working underground we had artificial light.
Someone in prison is still able to contribute something to society 'whereas' someone executed cannot.
She's the one who is moving on 'whereas' her parents are stuck with the story, are stuck in the past.
The Arctic is an ocean basin with peripheral continents, 'whereas' the Antarctic is continental.
This measure of right and left has not changed in hundreds of years, 'whereas' specific policies have.
Berti wants as many of them as possible, 'whereas' I deliberately minimised them.
It is possible for the non-bidding team to win the game if they reach the target 'whereas' the bidders are still below it.
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