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buzz ಈ
mosquitoes were buzzing all around us
make a humming sound.
she buzzed along the highway back into town
move quickly or busily.
the buzz of the bees
a low, continuous humming or murmuring sound, made by or similar to that made by an insect.
translation of 'buzz'
However it may not be the tutor who's making their heads 'buzz' , but the thought of taking their first step on the property ladder.
The voice continued to 'buzz' at her in her clouded brain.
The buildings are tall and elegant, and the atmosphere has a certain 'buzz' - you just know that important things are happening all around you.
There has been a real 'buzz' surrounding the event and our participants just cannot wait to dive in and raise some cash for charity.
The good news is that the 'buzz' has been positive.
Nicole's alarm clock went off that morning with a resounding 'buzz' that seemed louder than usual.
If you need help debugging it, you're more than welcome to give me a 'buzz' tomorrow.
We find it very exciting and it has created a real 'buzz' in the office.
The familiar 'buzz' that had rang for the 8 years that she had been at the military academy to nudge her awake did so.
The 'buzz' is that the film promises a lot of thrills and adventure.
One is much less likely to consider the possible choices and decisions made as they 'buzz' by quickly.
The drums plod along intently, keyboards ping and 'buzz' about.
When the telephone rang, a loud long electronic 'buzz' , everyone flinched, and Danny almost jumped out of his chair.
We are hopeful that the programme of activities planned for the day will create a tremendous 'buzz' and excitement in Kilkeel.
The 'buzz' is that the engagement of the happy couple has hit a few bumps and, after reportedly tense holidays spent at their house, wedding plans may have been put on hold.
Jem's words are cut off by the 'buzz' of Olivia's telephone, and Olivia presses the speaker button.
there's a strong 'buzz' that he's in Scotland
The annoying 'buzz' of my alarm clock awoke me from my dreamless sleep.
But when I get behind the wheel of a powerbeat, I just put my foot down - I get a real 'buzz' !
On the night we visited, the fire was crackling in the grate and there was a nice 'buzz' to the atmosphere - busy but not packed.
they created a huge 'buzz' with their latest album
Agatha used the intercom to 'buzz' what she called ‘servant headquarters’ and ordered two maids to come down.
With temperatures of up to 25 degrees the whole city is a 'buzz' of activity and there is a real carnival atmosphere everywhere.
It really is my passion and it gives me a real 'buzz' .
In circles where it really matters, the 'buzz' is that she is extremely upset with her brother now, over the trailers getting snipped off.
Neither of the two senshi spoke during that time and the silence made Cathy's ears 'buzz' .
There was a kind of green silence to our clearing, interrupted only by the sleepy 'buzz' of insects and the occasional hymn from a passing bird.
the 'buzz' is that he's in big trouble
Everyone in Thailand seemed to sell trips, and without fail got a real 'buzz' from bargaining and offering ‘good price’.
Sign up, and the likes of Brad will 'buzz' you Thanksgiving night and tell you to go to bed.
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