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latar belakang
an ornate fountain, and at its center, backdropped with golden spray, a statue of a young girl
provide a background or setting for.
Alex is happy with the Art Alliance and has volunteered to paint some scenery backdrops for them.
a painted cloth hung at the back of a theater stage as part of the scenery.
As we come up over a rise, endless cultivated orchards stretch for many kilometres against a 'backdrop' of blue mountain ridges.
Already overshadowed by political complexity the elections will also take place against a 'backdrop' of violence.
It continues for over a minute and moves several yards across the stage and into the 'backdrop' promoting the fight.
the conference took place against a 'backdrop' of increasing diplomatic activity
Greenland is a country of stark contrasts, where ice and sunshine, greenery and snow are partners against a 'backdrop' of fjords and mountains.
The case comes against a 'backdrop' of mounting national concern about replica firearms.
At the same time, they have faced an uphill struggle to continue investing in networks against a 'backdrop' of falling stock markets and huge debts.
There were snow-capped peaks against a 'backdrop' of liquid blue sky, for as far as I could see.
They survived, but Todd has been forced to work against a 'backdrop' of continuing financial uncertainty.
The summer tourists have gone, leaving plenty of space to enjoy the many activities on offer against the 'backdrop' of outstanding scenery.
the conference took place against a 'backdrop' of increasing diplomatic activity
Shakespeare's magical comedy will be played out against a simple 'backdrop' of parkland scenery, he said.
Against a 'backdrop' of steadily declining music sales, music companies have been forced to think of alternative solutions.
It is also home to some of the world's finest spa resorts, making a perfect location for relaxing against a 'backdrop' of hazy mountains and the desert.
The building demonstrations come against a 'backdrop' of continued violence in the country.
Typically, such painting might be placed on a theatre 'backdrop' , or across a large hall or church nave, or on a high ceiling.
This movie is a work of fiction, but it's played against a 'backdrop' of historical events.
These discussions take place against a 'backdrop' of deepening economic crisis and rising social tensions.
I looked at the subject, the old chair, the cloth and the 'backdrop' of the city through the windows behind, and frowned.
The familiar stories are given new life when played out against a 'backdrop' of ancient Roman ruins and sweeping rocky vistas.
Old insights are merely recycled in different permutations against a 'backdrop' of current circumstances.
The stage 'backdrop' is filled with smoke and the curtains have become brown drapes, some halfway across the stage.
Behind you is a gorgeous, restored great house set against a 'backdrop' of rainforests and mountains.
This year's event is taking place against a 'backdrop' of Government attempts to promote chess in schools.
Set against a 'backdrop' of Alpine lakes and mountains, this city has the perfect mix of folk tradition and fast-moving modernity.
This is happening against a 'backdrop' of fights by environmentalists to get old dams torn down.
The patterns on the stage and against the 'backdrop' were beautiful, the movement sensual and relational.
The venue for the night concerts was a huge field with naturally sloping sides, and the stages were set against 'backdrops' of tall rainforest trees.
The band offers up a catchy mix of mostly acoustic-centered pop, 'backdropped' by obvious harmonies, reverb-drenched vocals and singalong lyrics.
He spoke of the many people who helped behind the scenes, citing as an example those who had painted the 'backdrops' .
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