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The balance and agility you gain will have you leaping above your opponents at beach-volleyball matches, acing your game on the tennis court and more.
(in tennis and similar games) serve an ace against (an opponent).
the ace of diamonds
a playing card with a single spot on it, ranked as the highest card in its suit in most card games.
a motorcycle ace
a person who excels at a particular sport or other activity.
an ace swimmer
very good.
Army Corps of Engineers.
translation of 'ace'
daun sat
He flicked his wrist and an 'ace' of spades appeared.
Kevin scored the 'ace' on the 16th hole, which also secured him the prize of nearest the pin.
During the Vietnam War, the 'ace' of spades was considered the card of death by the Viet Cong.
You're more likely to 'ace' the test if you study in spurts with occasional breaks in between.
Poet, publisher and 'ace' volunteer discusses her literary loves.
A peek into the world of an 'ace' swimmer who had everything going for him until calamity came calling one day, it is the kind of brave cinema that has been making its presence felt in recent times.
They were also the days when the English still made 'ace' movies.
The guy shows his cards and he had the 'ace' of hearts, but like I said, my hand was unbeatable at that point.
But on July 3 2002, in the midst of recording their 'ace' second album, he finally met the people who did.
This aspect of being an 'ace' haunted him increasingly as his number of kills rose.
The hole-in-one at No.9 was the first career 'ace' for each.
The Canadian 'ace' took charge of the ball before converting his fourth goal in five games.
Goal 'ace' Ole Gunnar Solskjaer kept Manchester United in the Premiership title race with a typical smash-and-grab at Filbert Street.
His elder sister, a computer 'ace' , spent second grade doing research on the Internet, delving into Greek myths and studying artists.
Prior to that, I was an active high school golfer, and I was about a 10-handicapper when I made my first 'ace' at age 15.
He was the fourth member of his family to 'ace' the same hole - No.9 at Squaw Creek Country Club in Vienna, Ohio.
Lynn's cards are strong - she has the ace of diamonds, the ace and queen of clubs, the 'ace' and king of hearts.
It was his second 'ace' following one at Fulford's fifth hole.
He's a photographer and has worked with loads of famous people, so had lots of 'ace' stories.
I spoke to a couple of 'ace' gardeners recently in a mad bid to investigate the best native plants for my downtown rental cottage.
Christopher set down his cards, exposing a three, five, and ten of spades and the 'ace' of diamonds.
Expecting to 'ace' a test you didn't study for isn't optimism-it's dreaming!
This man can direct 'ace' children's fare, and do it well.
People have these fantasies that we live in a world where mum and dad are both 'ace' parents and have wonderful relationships with their children and with each other.
Not to be outdone, her brother, Sean, 14, made his own 'ace' on the same hole during tournament play later that week.
All I wanna know is why this 'ace' MC is wasting his time with a throwaway re-hash of every track about a shorty ever written.
He finished three of his first four service games with an 'ace' .
Whether you're among the millions of players who have recently taken up tennis or a seasoned player, one of these new shoes might just help you 'ace' your game.
I have repotted the coriander seedlings, which are still winning the prize for most vigorous specimens, and which have 'ace' roots.
The Sheffield-born 'ace' will become the Blues' boss eighth signing since he took over from Joe Royle and takes his spending to around £4m.
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